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Im feeling a bit better today the food is helping me think and feel better which is a lovely feeling.l still havent heard back from my blood test which is very annoying!!!!xx

lm eating nice grub and am now looking for new recipes to keep me interested in new foods and tastes, the internet is fantastic for this!!!x

lm just hoping my food demons days are numbered x

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There are so many recipes out there to pick from on the internet these days. It's good that you are eating some nice grub. Healthy meals feed the mind not just the body and you will benefit from all the wonderful healthy foods you chose to eat from now on :-)


I hope you hear soon


I found that getting into different countries foods helped me. My palette has definately gone towards spicier food. North African foods, Japanese and Chinese. Keeps you busy trying new recipes and had some delicious meals. I especially like various types of stir fries though try and avoid noodles except for once in a while. Chicken, salmon and veg in various sauces.

Home made soups are always good especially now we are in the colder months. Nutritious, tasty and filling especially with lentils or chick peas.


This site has loads of good recipes and they are all calorie counted, which helps.

They have a lot under world cuisine homemadebyyou.co.uk/meal-plans

Have a great day :)

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Well done on the tasty food, it really makes a difference. No point in eating bland stuff, I say!

Good luck with the blood results.


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