advice for xmas

hi Everyone

its hard enough surviving these weeks leading up to xmas, but does anyone have any advice for the xmas holidays. i will have two weeks staying with friends and family - away from home, no scale to weight myself on, no control over the cooking and an avalanche of delicious food and alcohol. How can I try not to gain any/too much weight without my usual regime of surviving on rice cakes and apples until dinner time? what tips does anyone has have to share?


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  • Portion control? If we have a kind of mental template/estimate of how much low Gi carbs, natural protein and natural fat to have at each meal, with a sensible amount of non-starchy vegetables, then we won't go far wrong.

    If you decide to have refined carbs such as potatoes, stuffing, gravy, chocolate, sugar, cake, mince pies or alcohol that's your prerogative, then have them in place of some low Gi carbs for instance. Just be aware that if your appetite starts to get away from you, these foods will have contributed to that (which is why I avoid them), and they don't provide the vitamins and minerals that we need.

  • Hi,

    I was reading avidsketchers post earlier today and I do like what she does, l'm going to that after my weigh in on Friday.

    No religious counting of calories but for me,still keeping a record of what I am having but thinking very much about portions and still doing a bit of exercise ie walking( I do have a dog so it's got to be done !!)

    I was thinking of not weighing in till new year but I've made no decision re that.

    I still will be reading posts and contributing as and when.

    It's all not going to pot for (if you think about it) one day !!! Mind you the damage I could do !!!! 😈

    Most importantly is relax and enjoy we've got all of 2016 to look forward to 😃


  • Try and just enjoy the holidays and not worry too much about the Christmas period. It's a time for just relaxing and enjoying the holidays with family and friends and all your food is prepared for you which is great.

    I don't plan on calorie counting on Christmas day or boxing day and whatever I eat I am going to go to the gym and work off once it opens back up.

    Have a lovely Christmas :-)

  • Enjoy Christmas :) it's just one day in 365. A time of celebration, a time to enjoy friends and family. I believe the real damage is done when Christmas is over and all that extra food, sweets and nibbles need to be eaten. I would encourage any visitors to take a little away with them, particularly children and minimise the amount I have left in the house :)

    PS Oooops, just re read your post and you are with friends over Christmas. The only word I can think of is "restraint". :)

  • Poor children :-(

  • l would suggest having breakfast,regular healthy snacks,don't skip meals,drinking clear fluids[not vodka!!!]and enjoy everything you eat!!!x

  • Be relaxed, eat modestly, and don't be tempted to eat 'like everyone else', a sure test of how well you are doing.

    I quit the excess/pressure truck recently, despite being quite stressed this week, cat cuddles and fab tea helps too

  • I'm going to my brothers house for xmas day and I'm really pleased because I won't be buying all the usual rubbish to have at home. I'm going to have a nice lunch and then not going to be too much of a glutton! I actually hate xmas pudding, mince pies and all that stuff so I shall be okay I think. I have some nice choccie to have on xmas day and boxing day but got a limit!!!! I'm going to write everything down too!

    We can do it, but we must remember to enjoy ourselves. After all it's only one day a year!

    Elsie xxx

  • Decide what you want to put in your body and don't put anything else in it. Use the calorie counter to work out how much of things you can have. If you are staying with someone take a few safe treats with you.

  • What wise words

  • I'm going to be away for 2 weeks as well. I'm just going to use portion control, enjoy myself, have alcohol. Try not to go overboard. If I gain weight, so be it. It can be lost again. Best of luck :)

  • As the old saying went , nothing tastes as good as skinny feels, some truth in it! Personally feline cuddles do more Han too much food, and at times live hot water bottle, bless her!

  • I am faced with a similar problem. Also I suffer from total lack of willpower and a lot of greed. If I have a glass or three of wine my resolve goes out the window and I eat everything in sight. Now, one thing I've go considered is an old (middle eastern?) trick of tying string around your waist. Apparently if you do this - not too tight but close to the skin - when your stomach expands because you're over doing it it's a physical reminder to stop putting stuff into your body. I love the idea of it but knowing me I'll just eat until the string breaks.'s a thought 😉

  • Or don't drink the wine?

  • Certainly an option - but I am a big believer in not denying yourself a bit of what you enjoy now and again 😊

  • Do you think that belief might have contributed to a "total lack of willpower and a lot of greed"?

    Don't get me wrong; I strongly believe that we should really enjoy everything we consume, I just don't think it's healthy to consume everything we fancy.

    Alcohol is a toxic depressant; the body digests it first to detoxify.

  • I think I should clarify that my answer is part truth and part tongue in cheek. It's so imprtant to keep a sense of humour about our path to good health. I am focused and disciplined 90% of the time as my job requires me to maintain a certain look. 10% of the time I relax and enjoy myself because although I wholeheartedly commit to a healthy lifestyle sometimes a girl just wants to eat and drink until the string breaks 😉

  • you might have described me. I love food and love a few glasses of wine. Sigh.. i might just try imagining a string around my waist at every meal time...

  • Blow the strict diet, it`s Christmas. Just don't go mad. Enjoy yourself and feel refreshed to start again in the new year. I don't use the word diet, I think healthy eating but if I crave something bad enough I`ll have it then ask myself was it worth it. The answer is mostly no. I want to be slimmer more than anything.

  • Do you not find that one of the beauties of being human is our imagination? We don't have to throw ourselves under a bus to know it's going to hurt, and we can eat wonderful tasting real-food instead of junk that has been designed to over-stimulate our appetites?

    Barry Groves had a wonderful phrase that went something like we are the only species with the intelligence to make our own food, and be stupid enough to eat it!

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