I’ve done it again!

I have let myself get back into my old ways and I’m really feeling the consequences. I’ve gained almost a stone in the past few weeks and I’ve had to go buy new jeans again, something I really didn’t want to do! And I’m down to a handful of tshirts. I really thought I was going to get somewhere a month ago but it lasted a few days before people were all, ‘lets get a takeaway’, ‘oh I could really do with pudding’, ‘here Jay you can finish this’.... and boom I fell for all of it!

The few pounds I did lose are back and they brought friends with them! So I’m now 23 stone and 12 pounds. And to make matters worse my attitude has been terrible, I’ve eaten a fast food lunch nearly every day this week and I’m currently spending a day indoors gorging on everything I was stupid enough to buy at Tesco yesterday.

But there is a little bit of hope on the horizon for me. I am, I think, totally addicted to food. I just can’t get through a week without pigging out, and badly at that. But I thought I might be able to make myself do something (exercising), rather than not do something (eating). So as of next month I’m joining a gym near work. It’s not very expensive and unlike times I’ve tried before I’m not joining with anyone else, as that can mean me giving up as soon as they do. So I’m going to set a routine that I go in after work every Tues, Weds and Friday. I chose those days because on Monday I’m always more tired and Thursdays I’m usually doing something with friends, and weekends I don’t always work and won’t always be near work. And what makes me think I will go is I keep staying to do overtime to avoid the rush hour traffic, so I can use that time to go get a bit fitter.

If I combine that with eating some more decent meals then maybe I can lose a bit of weight, and maybe even stop boredom eating so much. And if you’re wondering why I’m starting next month rather than right now, A) Christmas shopping has taken all my money, effort and will to live, and B) Christmas food is going to take all my money, effort and ability to move.

So my new goals are, more exercise, less of the junk food, get down to 20 stone by summer.

Hope everyone is having a good time with Christmas coming up! Good luck with your new years resolutions.


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18 Replies

  • Good luck Jay86!

  • Aww bless you, I have been through those times so I understand where you are coming from. I don't know if this will help you or not, but it all came to a head when I started watching programmes about obese folks and their struggles. I am still obese, but I've lost 1 stone 11 1/4 since early September. That 1/4 pound is all important, it's half a pack of butter lol! Anyway, I needed that wake up call...I was heading towards diabetes (loss of limbs and blindness can occur there) and potentially having my hubby and son as carers, because I already have arthritis. It kicked me up the behind and made me realise keeping a bit of independence and dignity was more important to me than eating. I shed quite a lot of tears, but it was a good experience for me, I needed to admit how bad my situation had got.

    Before I started out I thought I could never stick to a diet because I wouldn't be able to manage on 1400 cals a day. I had a big surprise when I used the NHS BMI calculator, it recommended between 1900 and 2300 cals per day. It gave me hope, I thought, if I change my food up to include loads more veggies I can fill up on that instead and still be within calories. It's working for me, I use lots of salad and veggies, plus I allow myself a 100 cal snack every single evening, ready for when the rest of the family might be eating crisps or whatever. Also, freeze low cal squash to make fruity lollies to keep the mouth busy, and get some fruity tic tacs, I suck 4 with a cup of tea in the evening, occupies the mouth and gives some flavour lol.

    If you have frozen veg or tinned veg in stock, can you try "pigging out" on food which is better for you and low in calories? I can knock up a massive bowl of stir fried veggies for less than 300 cals (just don't add rice or noodles, leave it at just the veg) and I actually eat it as my main meal, it fills me up so much. As we are heavy, I'd imagine that you will still have a lot of calories to play with if you used that as just one of your meals, then you can still have a take away for dinner maybe? I have had take away during this period of time but still have lost weight...just by making the adjustment to the rest of the day's meals. I'd skip the chips and just have the burger, whereas it used to be burger and chips. Or, that day just have the chips and skip the other stuff you usually eat with it. As long as you have balanced it up with some good veggies to fill you up at the other meals that day, it can really work, it has been working for me. I don't eat take away every day, but I know I will not spend the rest of my life never ever having one, so I had to incorporate it somehow. So far it's working fine.

    I know Christmas is a hard time for us foodies, but if you carry on, you will just have more to lose when it's all over - I know, I'm starting the obvious and it's hard to get it under control. I'm not trying to lecture or anything like that, just to help because I know how horrible it is to have been overweight before Christmas already, and then gained a further half a stone, so that I had made myself even more work for the dreary days of January which can be depressing and it can put one off starting to eat better. Could you look at it as a mini- challenge to not reach 24 stone over Christmas maybe, just it might help you a bit, ready for when you are able to get seriously on track with your dietary changes. Try to picture how it will affect your motivation if you get on the scales after Christmas and you have gone over the 24 stone mark. Will it make you so upset that you turn to food for comfort (been there and done that so many times!), and then you may get into a vicious circle and get even bigger? I've done it myself during past Christmases. I'm hoping that this Christmas is a big turning point for me, but watch this space, cos we all fall off the wagon now and then, as does anyone with an addiction!

    Anyway, lots of questions etc here, just food for thought really, I hope some of it might be helpful in some way. Very good luck to you and stick around here if you need support and motivation, we try to keep each other going as much as possible.

    All the best and a Merry Christmas to you and yours xxx

  • Merry Christmas to you too!

    I think the goal of staying under 24 stone is probably a good idea, but honestly that on its own won't upset me, what will is if I end up out of more clothes again before I start to lose weight. But I'm fairly confident I can't outgrow what I've brought lately before January, even if I do overeat (which is inevitable, its Christmas). I think given how easily I give in to temptation, the gym is my best bet, so I'm not going to worry too much about the diet just yet, unless the gym on its own doesn't help as much as I want.

    Thanks for all the advice! :)

  • Will be around after Christmas cheering you on from the sidelines, have a fab time! :-)

  • Hi Jay,

    I think your gym plan is a great one and I definitely agree it is better to do these things on your own. I have been let down so many times trying to get fit with friends.

    Your target for the summer is also really sensible.

    Before you join the gym make sure you plan your meals for the week so that when you get home from the gym you can sort out your dinner right away and not end up getting a take away.

    I'd recommend looking up the calories of your favourite meals so you know roughly where you are calorie wise.

    Have you considered giving yourself one day off a week? This is what I do. I often have a take-away or something I really fancy one a Friday night. I find this really helps keep me motivated all week - maybe something to think about.

    Anyway, good luck with your plan for the new year - hopefully we'll all shift a few more stone next year :)

  • Thank you! Yes, planning meals is probably a really good idea, and with the gym I might be able to add a bit of predictability to my week and actually stick to it. :)

  • Loads of people find planning helps - I don't always plan but stick to the same meals during the week mostly, they aren't exactly calorie counted but I have a rough idea. It is so easy to just get a take-away when you have limited time but if you've planned a meal and you know what your having it really does make a difference.

    It's not easy Jay but I am sure you get do it :)

  • Wishing you LOADS of luck in your efforts - I have a feeling you will do it....

    All the best

    Flossie20 xxx

  • We are all in this together and I totally understand where you're coming from. Admitting that I am addicted to food has had a positive effect on me now because I understand it ever so slightly more! I hadn't tackled that side of myself when I was paying a fortune to slimming world or wherever!

    I like the idea of having the goal of not going over 24 stone over xmas.

    You can do it and I am behind you all the way!

    Elsie xxx

  • ‘lets get a takeaway’, ‘oh I could really do with pudding’, ‘here Jay you can finish this’...

    Oh, boy. I've been there. "Once is happenstance, twice is coincidence, thrice is enemy action!" (from Goldfinger, I think...). Sometimes other people don't help, do they? Be firm with them, and tell them (nicely) to get lost! You can only be intimidated by others if you consent to it. ☺

    One positive thought about being a larger-portioned person: if you really set to with a vengeance after Christmas, the weight should come off pretty quickly, to begin with. That's always an encouragement when you get started, and your mindset is everything.

    I've sworn an oath that I won't buy any more large sized clothing. I have a loft (and wardrobes) full of stuff that I can't get into. For me, it's either get slim or go nekkid. And it's going to be very nippy for the next few months!

    Chin up, Jay!

  • *Chins ;)

    And while that sounds like a good idea, its a bit cold for me to try that one! But that said I'm without a decent jacket . . . think its happening.

  • Jay, try ordering food online rather than visiting the shop. That way you're less likely to be tempted by the naughties.

  • I like that idea, it goes well with my laziness, I might have to think about that one :)

  • My main exercise is walking to the supermarket ☺

    But I've devised a route that I *must* walk after I get there, that avoids the cake stand and the booze and crisps aisles. I'm not even allowed to go down them just to look!

    I bet they change the layout next week...

  • They know how to defeat us, its why we're all fat. It's literally a conspiracy ;)

  • My local Morrisons is about 1km so these days I walk. But the fist bit you get to is a stand of cheap cakes - Danish & muffins usually and the odd pie. This is leading right into the fruit and veg - I so want to email them and complain but worry that's a bit sad. I really want to ask them why there are no apples in confectionery aisle!

  • Having worked in retail I know its all about what catches peoples eyes. People don't impulse buy apples when there are snickers bars and m&m brownies for almost the same price. Things with a ton of sugar in them are generally cheap to produce, usually frozen and defrosted/baked on site giving the impression of freshness while also being pennies to produce. Apples and other fruits can be cheap, but in comparison the profit margins are lower, since freezing fruit tends to ruin it and more of it gets wasted in transit and expiry.

    Which does make you think maybe they should be pushing it more, perhaps a petition is in order....?

  • Interesting when you put it in perspective Jay!

    I have emailed Morrisons - I'll let you know when I get a response.

    I always walk past without buying but it does annoy me - which it probably what stops me from being tempted. For now I will stick with my funsize choccies - no better for you of course ;)

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