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So I'm still about 8kg off my ideal bmi weight and 15kg off my goal- but I have lost 9kg so far

This weekend is Christmas party weekend and as I'm trying to lose weight I didn't want to buy any new outfits for the festive season- so instead I'm borrowing one off my sister

Flash back to last night when I was organising when I can go to try some on and my new brother in law said I don't even know why you're trying them you won't fit in it any of them :(

Ha I did and they were too big for me! So today she's given me a dress she can't fit in cos it's too small and guess what it fits me lovely!

Some people are nasty however this just gave me even more motivation to get to my goal weight

Also all my dresses in my wardrobe were too big for me!

Feeling very victorious right now :D

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Hi Wood05,

Congratulations on having lost 9kg - that is really great! You're making great progress. Glad you've got that 'victorious' feeling right now, and long may it continue!!! :-)

I don't think your new brother-in-law was very kind to you with his comment last night, and I hope you don't dwell long on it. Maybe he was trying to be a bit 'cheeky chappie' kind of thing, but definitely not a helpful comment really. Best to disregard it. :-)

The great thing is that you have been able to fit into one of your sister's dresses just fine, and I hope you feel great wearing it. I am sure you will look lovely!

Enjoy your party occasions, and have a great weekend.

Lowcal :-)

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