Those €$¥#%?! Scales !!

Hi all,

Weigh in after a really good week and scales read 2Ib on !!! Sooo disappointed, had upped my exercise/activity and dropped my calories to 1250 a day as I was hoping for a last push for my Sueper Santa challange and get into the 11's.

Well it's not to be, so a dust down and get on with it 😥

Today I'm out with a few ex work colleagues that I've not seen for ages and I'm really looking forward to seeing them, it's my only 'Christmas' do so I'm going glam !!! ( can't knock Flossie down for long ! Lol)

Food wise think will stick to basic Xmas lunch and a glass of fizz, dilemma will be dessert I love Xmas pud so we'll see lol

Got a quiet weekend planned, it's really cold so a good time get cracking on all the wrapping ( hate it !! ) and it must use calories up fighting with paper, sellotape, tags and the actual gift eh!!

Have a lovely weekend everyone


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  • You will probably be under 12 tomorrow. Just his weight loss goes 😀

  • Thanks Aqua_marine,

    Was tempted to get on the scales this morning but did not, just plugging along and hope for better things this Friday.


  • Hi flossie, they don't make scales like they used to :)

    I know what you mean about the Christmas wrapping though, its such a pain.

    Have a great weekend :)

  • Thanks Tewson,

    You did make me laugh 😃, getting through the dreaded wrapping we've had a couple inches of snow today so it's been easy to stay in!!

    Have a lovely week


  • Muscle, Flossie, its just more lean muscle :-)

  • Hi Lucca,

    Not sure I want muscle lean or not lol !!! Worry will end up with areas like Popeye !!! Lol


  • That's what you call s**s law Flossie! :(

    There's no justice in this world sometimes. Not to worry, have a fantastic, glam night with your friends, indulge a little and by that I mean have the pud and I bet you'll show a great loss next week :)

    Happy wrapping :)

  • Thanks Moreless,

    Had a lovely time and no ate no pud👼👼👼👼. Hope you are feeling back on track honey😃.

    Having a break from the wrapping, we've got few inches of snow and need to persuade the dog he wants to go out !! Lol


  • Well done you, it just goes to show us all that a good time can be had without caving in to temptation :)

    I'm doing fine this week thanks, although I have licked my fingers a few too many times, helping the grandkids make gingerbread houses ;)

    Wish we had snow, no such luck, just more horrible rain, which our dog hates as much as us. She loves snow though :)

  • You only licked your fingers a few times with gingerbread houses. So creative. I wish I had so much self control. I have to learn from you! Been so good until now. Better behave tomorrow and get rid of my horrid thrust and keep loosing weight.

  • It's just mind over matter bakersdozen and making sure that everything I bake, or create goes away with the children :)

  • You are so right. Just keep talking to myelf that it is for other household members and it is not good for me.

  • That's the ticket, you've cracked it! :)

  • Thanks for cheering me up! You are a real comedian! I am now going to appoint you as an official comedian on this site!

  • More like the village idiot! :D

  • Love gingerbread and a house made of one sounds heavenly!!

    What a lovely nana you are😃


  • I should have invited you for the weekend Flossie, because we're having a gingerbread fest. Houses yesterday and gingerbread men, trees and stars for Christmas tree decorations today.

    Having a breather at the mo whilst they colour paper chains :)

  • Hi Flossie,

    The important thing is you worked hard, and although the scales haven't reflected what you wanted to see this week, don't worry about them too much. Sometimes they are fickle!

    Hope you have a wonderful time at your Christmas 'Do' - and enjoy being glam and beautiful.

    Wishing you a nice relaxing weekend.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Hi Lowcal,

    Great to have you back, hope you've enjoyed your break😃

    Had a lovely time, loads of nice compliments on weight loss but still feel a bit cheated !!

    Even said no to the Xmas pud !!👼 So onward and downward I hope🤔

    Catch up on Monday


  • Hi lovely flossie so sorry to hear how mean those scales have been and after having such a great week too. Your spirit is in the right place and your positive attitude tells me it won't be long till that 2 lbs is gone :-)

    Your ex work colleagues won't believe their eyes when they see you and your going glam so that's even better. Even with the gain I bet your well excited to show off your new figure babe :-)

    Wishing you a wonderful evening out and a lovely weekend glamour puss x

  • Thanks Traff,

    I had a really lovely time , do so miss work, but loads of compliments so all the hard work is worth it😃

    Focused on next week, it's my weigh in for Suepers Santa challange but whatever happens I won't give up that's for sure 😃

    Enjoy your weekend


  • Glad to hear you had a lovely time and even though you say you miss work I can't imagine how as I can't wait never to work again :-)

    Great that you got loads of compliments you must have felt really good and beaming in your lovely bling and yes it is all worth it when someone notices.

    I wish you all the successes in the world in achieving your goal for the santa challenge, but like you say whatever happens you won't be giving up and that is for sure :-)

    Load's of good positive ~~~~{{{{{{vibes}}}}}}~~~~~ from me to my girl floss for this coming week xx

  • Flossie it is so annoying when you try so hard and those beautiful scales don't listen to us. Oh well! You have the right attitude keep going forward and having fun with your ex co-workers!

  • Thanks,

    It would be so easy to stray but not worth it especially when you read all the other posts that are really inspiring 😃

    What's a few pounds on 🤔 ( bl@@dy awful😥 !! ) lol but not the end of the world, I'll be glad when Santa has been and gone and we can all get back to easier days without loads of extra reasons to eat !! Lol

    Happy times


  • So true! :)

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