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Week 5

Hey peeps!

I've been super busy to update, but since weighing in this Monday, I am back down 3lbs.

I'm just glad to be down. Remaining positive, I've been improving with working out consistently which I am very happy about. Exercising does wonders for my mood. I have always had issues with my mood, it's something I've always had to work on. However I find after exercising, I am in a pretty happy place.

Week 5 has been so far, so good. I'll update on next Monday's weigh in.

All the best for this week everyone!

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Hi, well done for turning it round, 3lbs is great.

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Well done you. I agree about the mood booster. Keep on keeping on!


3 pounds is a fantastic loss

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Congrats on losing 3lbs Mary, and getting the exercise on track. I also feel great after exercise, it's about so much more than just burning calories. Hope you have another good week :)


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