How do you find the time?

So i've been at this for a few weeks now, losing slowly but steadily... About 200g every 2-3 days. The clean eating & portion control is straight-forward enough, but i'm struggling in the exercise department. It's not that I don't want to- i really enjoy exercising, i literally cannot find the time! With a 7 month old, hubby away for work half the week, teaching half the week and working on freelance contracts the rest of the week, church & family commitments PLUS my part-time masters degree & passing my driving license i am SWAMPED! These past few weeks baby and I have both been ill too... Slowing us down even more... Any suggestions from any other busy bees out there? I never watch TV or veg, all my free time is spent being productive and catching up on housekeeping etc.


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  • It sounds as though you already get plenty of exercise! ☺

  • Lol !

  • I agree with flavourfiend! Sounds as if a relaxing bath would do you more good! However - one quick tip!- how about getting ankle / wrist weights and doing the cleaning with those on?

  • Good idea! Or carrying baby in her wrap... 10+ kgs ... You see u guys are brilliant!

  • Hi jellymummy, I agree with the other posts. Working, looking after baby and keeping the house straight is more than enough exercise. Additional exercise is unlikely to assist you much in losing weight during the early part of the twelve week plan. The plan is aimed a a broad spectrum of people with different activity levels, fitness and age.

    I'm a 60 year old man looking after a 5 1/2 yr old and an 18 month and on days like today when I've got them for eleven hours, I just know I'm going to lose weight over the week :)

    I have to admire the way you are juggling so many things and remaining on a diet. I shall have difficulty finding time to eat today :D

    Losing weight is a slow process when done correctly and I think that if you lose between 1/2 kg and 1 kg a week, you're right on track . :)

    Also, you will find your activity levels will increase as your baby becomes more active over the coming months. I would enjoy any rest I could get at your stage. :)

  • Thanks so much! Two under 6 must b a handful- i struggle keeping up with mine and she's barely crawling!

  • I must say I feel as though I've been pulled through a hedge backwards lol They've just gone at seven o'clock and all I've managed to squeeze in is one meal. I just don't know how you do all you do and still worry about squeezing in exercise. :)

    I shall probably be asleep by nine o'clock, ready for the same again tomorrow.

    At least I have tomorrows meals already cooked and ready to heat and serve. :)

  • Hi Jellymummy

    Well done for finding the time to stick with a healthy eating plan whilst looking after your baby, working, keeping the house in order, teaching, family life, church and freelance work, etc. You are obviously very active in your every day life and controlling what you eat is more likely to bring results than trying to cram any other form of exercise.

    I would suggest that you continue with your plan as it is obviously bringing results, steady weight loss of 1 - 2 lb per week is said to be more sustainable than quick fix diets. If you do find yourself with 1/2 hours free time I would suggest that you try to fit some rest time into your hectic schedule.

  • If I have a tough day I youtube "20 minute strength exercise" or "20 minute yoga" Im sure there's no harm in even trying 10 minute stuff

  • That's a great idea... I suppose a little is better than nothing!

  • Obviously, like many people, you have a lot of your plate, and I wholeheartedly agree with the others that you don't have to do loads of exercise to lose the weight :-)

    However, you might find that you benefit from it as a welcome way of getting a bit of stress relief, and some "me" time away from all your other commitments !

    Only you know if you really don't have enough time, in which case it might be a non-starter. But, is it possible that you could get a regular time each week (even just once a week to start), where you know that someone will look after your baby, you don't have anything on that would clash, and that becomes your regular exercise time, and everyone does their bit to make sure you get that time to yourself. It doesn't have to be long - you could run round the block or do an exercise DVD in 45 mins.

    Sometimes it's just a question of re-prioritising. Is it vital that your house is kept quite as tidy as it is - would it be better for your health if you got out and made time to exercise instead ? :-)

  • You make a good point, and i love exercising for that reason- it helps me wind down & energises me for the rest. I can try look into it actually... I have family down the road i could ask. That's another habit i need to improve- asking for help!

  • Ensuring that you get enough sleep is important, too. I find that, if I'm tired and grumpy, that's when my willpower is at its most fragile and I'm likely to give in to The Nibbles.

  • SO TRUE! I have a little trick though, especially when it's late and I want to snack, i fix whatever I am having a craving for (saucisson and cheese slices, breadsticks & dip... Whatever) and give them to my hubby. For some reason it stops my cravings... Weird huh?

  • You guys are amazing a supportive! I should check in here more regularly!

  • Isn't it nice to find a web forum that isn't just endless snarking?

  • Pheww I am worn out just reading your post Jellymummy. Like others have commented it seems that you are extremely active and may not need to worry too much about organised exercise. I would suggest if you wanted to just get your heart rate up then a quick power walk round the block or even indoors on the spot with some weights, this will make you feel you are doing something 'extra' and won't eat into your busy schedule. Please make sure you get some 'downtime' too, to relax - you do deserve it. :-)

  • You could close the curtains put on some tunes and dance your way through the housework dance with the hoover or duster or mop :)

  • Great idea!

  • I think "close the curtains" is the most important part of that sentence ☺

  • :D - reminds me when a few years ago - I had the sproglets tucked up in bed for the evening (early doors as we'd all had enough of each other). I enthusiastically set about my Rosemary Conley Aerobics video - as I was quite fit at the time, this involved using baked bean cans as weights to keep the pulse rate up etc. 30 mins in and I was pink in the face and panting. Ding-dong went the door bell...! I never did explain to the neighbour what I'd been doing!

  • If you want a really quick an effective exercise try interval training. Works for me.

    30 seconds running on the spot at maximum effort followed by 30 seconds rest. Do this for 15 cycles and you have a very effective workout in 20 mins including warm up and cool down. Plenty of videos showing these on you tube and variations of the 30 seconds hard exercise. It is hard work and if you find it too hard just increase you resting up to a minute.

    When I first started I had to vary rest between 45 seconds to a minute. Doesn't take long to get to just 30 seconds rest. Do this no more than 4 times a week. I know it doesn't sound a lot but it is really effective and increases metabolism and fitness very quickly.

    The main thing with it is that you MUST give it 100% effort.

  • Sounds interesting... I'll try look it up on youtube. So it's mostly cardio then?

  • Watch the BBC Horizon documentary, The Truth About Exercise, with Michael Mosley. It's on YouTube.

  • Totally cardio. I have seen research which shows high intensity interval training does increase your metabolism for longer. Check out The body coach on YouTube which shows a great 20 minute workout for beginners. As you wil see, it is very intense and I just tend to stick to running on the spot like a mad man. I'm just not either fit enough or flexible enough to do things like burpees.

    I would say it helped me burn fat and definitely got me a lot fitter.

  • Sometimes trying to be superman (or woman) can set us up top fail.

    Do not expect so much from yourself. We perfectionists feel exhilarated when we can balance everything in equilibrium but it can be tough on us if we fall short.

    Exercise makes up about 20% of your weight loss. Thats a very broad figure but diet is the other 80% and even people who do not exercise at all but watch their food are able to lose weight.

    You have a lot going on and that in itself will be keeping your metabolism up.

    Once you are able to move a couple things off your plate then start slotting in some meaningful exercise time.

    I read an interesting study that showed that sometimes when we push ourselves too hard the cortisol our body produces as a byproduct of this then can make it harder to lose weighty i.e. sometimes if we actually relax (have a bath as someone suggested) this aid in weight loss.

    You're doing great! :)

  • Thanks Dave!

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