Hey guys my names Jenny and I am looking for some support with everyday healthy eating and also coping with B.e.d and Bulimia.

I have tried everything else and failed and now really fed up and tired of this horrible illness. I have battled with this for 15 years now and it's got worse.

Have a lovely day guys what ever your doing :-)



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12 Replies

  • Weejenn85, hello and welcome. This is a friendly and supportive community which supports healthy lifestyle choices and you may find some interesting ideas here. I feel though, that the B.e.D and Bulimia symptoms you mention are unlikely to be addressed in this community.

    Please feel free to browse the community and contribute towards the posts aimed at living a healthy lifestyle :)

    It's good to have you aboard and I hope that you are inspired by some of the very positive posts here. :)

  • Hi there Tewson

    Why do you feel it wouldn't fit in this community?

    I was 7 stone over weight 3 years ago due to B.e.D and then my Bulimia took over really bad and I dropped 8 stone and became very unwell now my B.e.D is back and I don't feel I have control over what I eat.

    People that are obese have eating disorders just like people who are skinny wouldn't you agree? Sorry I have to disagree with your post above!!!

  • I apologise if you are offended, but given the information you supplied in your original post, it was not clear whether you are over or under weight. I welcome you to the community :)

  • I am at a healthy weight but that can go either way with my illnesses, I want to be able to control food and not have food to control me.

    I don't think pills are the answer now its my head that needs sorting.

    LIke breakfast time I eat a banana and then panic kicks in because I think I am going to gain weight.

    Just want to be normal and healthy.

    Thank you for your reply s Tewson.

    Jenny x

  • Weejenn85, a great place to start, is to have a look at the 12 week plan. Most of the people on this site refer to or follow the plan towards a healthy lifestyle. It's very informative and well worth reading.

    I hope this is of interest to you x

  • Thank you so much :-) xx

  • If you don't mind me asking why are you in this community group??

    I am not on here to be judged I am looking for help and support to better my life and health, not just for me but for my family also.

    If you are over weight or under weight or over eat or under eat you have a problem with food.


  • You are most welcome to view my profile and my posts too, and of anyone else who has made their details public.

    Have a great day. :)

  • Thank you


  • Hi and welcome weejenn85 :)

    May I just say that Tewson is a very well respected member of this community and would never have deliberately said anything to offend you, or make you feel unwelcome. I think, and please both feel free to step in and correct me, that what was meant, is that we are a group primarily concerned with weight loss and that maybe some of your other issues wouldn't necessarily be addressed here.

    Whilst of course, you are more than welcome here, there are other communities that may also be able to help you. Here are a couple of links:

    I hope that this helps you.

    I wish you all the very best on your journey :)

  • Thanks for reply moreless

    Yes you are right I took it the completely wrong way and I apologise Tewson if I upset you.

    Jenny xx

  • No problem Jenny :)

    It's very easy on a forum to misinterpret people's meaning, because we have no visual clues to guide us :)

    I hope you'll be very happy here with us :)

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