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Week 2 - Take 2

So I'm coming to the end of week 2 and it was a total disaster. The week started with my scales running out of battery, the little circle kind that I don't just have in my cupboard and had to order from Amazon, so I couldn't way myself to see my progress. Then my printer didn't work so I didn't print out the week 2 diary. I then proceeded to forgot not only my lunch but the dinner I had made as I was working late, que two meals out. Tuesday didn't go any better with my team xmas meal changing venues last minute to a pop venue in London, with no online menu and food platters being delivered to the table (please don't ask how much I ate). The rest of the week was equally as bad having lost all motivation I had from week one.

I have decided stop beating myself up about it and I'm giving myself do-over for week 2 but could definitely use some advice on what to do when things go wrong!

So I don't leave this on a bad note, there was one glimmer of hope from this week, I joined a kayaking/canoeing course and spent two hours out on the water. Anyone have any favorite healthy post-exercise snacks to save me from undoing all my hard work?

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Take heart, the canoeing sounds great. I had a personal trainer once who swore by bananas either pre or post work out. From experience it is really important to fuel up before exercise. Good luck.

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Yes, indeed WB. We all have weeks like that. Don't beat yourself up over it. Learn the lessons and move on; you'll do better this week.

Do you have a desk or locker at work? Its it worth keeping the makings of at least one emergency meal in there to cut down on the need to go off piste. Some crispbreads and a jar of peanut butter or similar; a bowl and some breakfast cereal; cuppasoups; instant noodles (presuming there is access to a kettle). You know what you like and what satisfies you to cover you on those forgetful days. Also, post it notes stuck to the door at eye height or attached to your keys might help with the forgetful days, too!

A banana 20 minutes before you exercise is a good provider of things you need - if it is a big one or you feel you need before and after snacking you could cut it in half.

Limiting what you drink (alcohol-wise) - sticking to water or spritzing your wine with soda helps you keep more control on those difficult to manage nights out. Keeping a plate of detritus (bones from chicken wings and ribs, half a bread roll by you in a snacky, dive in and share off the plate situation helps keep you aware of how much you are eating and slow you down.

Hope this helps. Today will be a better day. This will be a better week. I have faith in you. You can do this.

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Thanks for the encouraging words :) Also really great idea for tracking your food, will definitely be using that next time!


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