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Struggle to find family support :(

My Week 5 wasn't as great as previous ones.

We moved house and now for some months have to live with my husband's parents. So I don't cook for myself and it's like I came back to my lovely grandma with her "eat this freshly baked cake that I've just cooked for you. Why no? Don't say nonsense, it won't do any harm to your waist, I see, you don't eat anything".

I hesitate to be so open with my relatives and say I need to lose weight. In fact, they don't ask me to eat everything, but they cook a lot of tasty not-so-healthy meals everyday and I can't resist. When I lived alone, I didn't cook as much and tasty :D

Next reason - I didn't plan healthy snacks overhead, so I tend to overeat at work. I work for 12 hours with no opportunity to go out, and if I don't have anything for snack nearby, I binge with sweets.

Going to get it better next week :)

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Is there any way you could suggest a cooking rota, supposedly in the name of fairness?

Could you bring yourself to tell them you're following a new, healthy eating plan?

Get yourself organised and prepare your own very low cal lunches and snacks, so that you have more calories to play with when you're at home.

Failing that, wear a blindfold and a peg on your nose so that the yummy food doesn't tempt you - tell your in-laws it's a new fashion trend ;)

Good luck! :)


Hah, I'm going to try everything :D

Thank you :)

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I have told people that I have been told to avoid certain foods. This means I can refuse all sorts of stuff without them feeling hurt.

I keep stocked up on things that I need to keep me on track.


Clever idea aqua I might use that :-)


Hope you manage to get some healthy snacks ready. Remember it's your body so you can decide what you eat. I like to think of the good things I am doing for myself so that I don't feel deprived. Good luck and keep going....


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