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Lacking motivation for the first time on my new healthy me !


I put on a pound last week and instead of it inspiring me to behave, I seem to have completely lost my incentive and haven`t written down my food , haven`t checked my calories as much etc etc , argggh tell me I am not the only one who is like this at the moment ! :-) I need to really shift my motivation back into place :-)

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Aqua_marineRestart Nov 2019

It is very hard this time of year. Not just the Christmas thing but the shorter days, the cold etc. I feel it so you are not alone. I am sitting here struggling to be motivated today.

Thing is if you stick to it you will achieve what you set out to do and if you don't you will be saying "if I had". You don't really want to start all over again.

So true Aqua, its hard isn`t it ? I have no enthusiasm to do anything today either and I normally feel so positive , I have done my swimming this week but my eating has been way off what it should be!

You are so right though I don`t want to go back to where I was and I am soooo pleased I can come on here and chat,

I am grateful for your support !! Lets hope tomorrow we pick ourselves up! :-)


Wonderful reply xx

sueper5 stone

Hi M-M, a 1lb is not big in the scheme of things and weight does fluctuate a bit anyway.

Please don't let this small gain ruin all your hard work.

None of us are perfect and it isn't always easy staying on track but you have to get back on track as soon as you can.

It is only a few weeks to xmas so one final push until then has got to be worth it. Assuming your going to indulge a bit over xmas has 2 benefits as I see it. 1 is to shed as many lbs as you can between now and xmas knowing a couple may go on and 2 knowing you have some nice food to look forward to may help you resist the odd temptation in the meantime.

So dust yourself off and get back in the saddle :)

Thank you so so much Sueper , I definitely don`t want to fall off so will try and get back into the right frame of mind and put this week behind me!

I do really want to kick a couple of pounds by christmas as even these small losses are definitely making a difference in my clothes and I love that feeling!

Thankyou for your support it is so appreciated!! :-)


Sorry to say MM but it happens !!, it's like an attack of the killer munchies and sometimes a 'little bit' leads to a 'sod it' day !!

Maybe you need a day to just get it out your system, and this of year it's even more hard, cold dark days and everywhere you turn is food and drink, even the supermarket on Friday had loads of 'taster' stalls !!!

Maybe have a look back at where you started and do a list of all the pros/cons of why want to change??

You will get over this its just hard sometimes honey{{{{hug}}}}


What a wonderful reply xx

Wow l could of written this myself. My food demon will always be there to trick me into believing the food will help me feel better, it doesnt and never will.

One pound in a week could be purely fluid retension, if you havent stuck to your healthy eating plan and eaten or drunk anything you know will not serve you well then its a negative weight gain, it's as simple as that.

Motivation is not a constant thing it goes up and down with what is happening in our lives.

instantly stop beating yourself up this will only serve to make you feel even worse and will trigger a binge or overeating session.get those fingers busy with writing, reading, xmas card writing etc etc you know what works for you.reduce putting a spotlight on all your eating and drinking yes monitor it but dont let it become an all consuming thing, as this can actual trigger overeating.

we are all here with you, we have all got to work through this and get to the can be done its just a question of time, persistance and discovering that at the end of the day its just food x

write how your feeling here, people want to help you and just remember,by us helping you it helps us!!!xx

Thank you so much flossie and smudge for taking time to reply, you are both lovely with great advice , I do need to get busy again with other things again and when nibbly eat fruit instead again!

The thing I find is which may sound strange is I actually forget at times I`m being healthy, and have things and think damn why did I do that without thinking! :-) then you are quite right beat myself up and eat more! I am like all or nothing which I need to push out of again, like in my first few weeks !

OK tomorrow is a new week will weigh in , go swimming and start fresh with new motivation!! I know where I want to be it just gets a little hazy at times !!

I love it on here its the most therapeutic place especially when things are harder! :-)

I too enjoy being here. Everyone wants to help you, do yourself a favour and let them!!! TAKE the advice given and use it, you are in the company of hardened, experienced dieters, food addicts,bingers and over eaters all of whom really understand what your going through!!!! Im struggling at the moment but here lm finding kindness, acceptance and I know VERY, VERY deep down that this time lm going to conqure this demon xx

Good thinking MM,

You've rightly turned the page and are ready to challenge the next exciting👼/exacerbating😈 chapter xx

Look forward to catching up in the week


Thank you flossie , I love the name !!! :-)

Like you Smudge` deep down I know this time I feel different and after trying waaay too many diets in the past I have a different mindset from some of the times when I have tried to get to grips with this ,I find thinking its just a health change not a diet definitely helps, but think I need to just get this crappy week over and pick my self up , advice has been gratefully received thank you!!! :-)


Hi MM,

I know how you feel, I've really lost my mojo this week. I've been ok with the eating, but haven't done any exercise at all! At the beginning of the week I was berating myself constantly and the guilt I was feeling was horrendous. In the end I thought to hell with it, I've been really good for 12 weeks, it won't hurt in the whole scheme of things if I concentrate on Christmas and the family for a while and get back to the exercise next week.

For you and I tomorrow marks the start of a new and better week. Here's to joint positivity and the push toward our Christmas goals :)

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Hi Moreless,

Wondered where you where xx

Do what is right for you, it is a busy time and it is sometimes hard to concentrate on ourselves even though we know we deserve it 😃

Cut yourself some slack, we will all be here cheering you on wether you've ate healthy or not, exercised or slobbed on the couch!! Lol tomorrow is another day ( as Scarlet said to Mamie??? or did Mamie say it to Scarlet??){{{{hug}}}}}


in reply to flossie358

Thanks Flossie, that's really kind and it's people like you that keep me coming back and not just throwing in the towel :)

I think Scarlett was just talking to herself wasn't she, kinda thinking out loud :) xx

in reply to moreless

Not sure, only seen the film once but the words always stuck in my head, not surprised if I've got it the wrong way round !! Lol

No chance of you not succeeding honeybun and it does not matter if this journey we are on takes a week, a month or a year as long as we get there😃

You'll do good xx


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Thanks Flossie, you're a real darling :) xx

love that film !!! :-)

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Me too, but the book's even better :)

I used to watch it with my mum and still occasionally when everyone is out pop it on, I must read the book!!

eventually all our waists will be like scarlets!! :-)

in reply to Midnight-munchie

18"??!! My ankles are bigger than that!! ;)

in reply to moreless

I too was wondering where you were! Your 27lbs in 12 weeks really strick a chord with me you definitely need to hang in there.

Although I am dreading tomorrow's weigh in because I could not exercise as much this week and did go WELL over on Monday and Tuesday but I have tried to be disciplined the whole rest of the week to see if I could counteract this by Monday (on Wednesday I had already taken up weight!!).

Tomorrow needs to be a new start.

MM definitely hang in there and do not despair we are definitely feeling it too but we need to go through this. We really need to. It is worth it. After this is for our health and for the wellbeing of our families too, and getting to spend more time with them hopefully, and in good state! Remind yourself of why you embarked on this journey to start with! You CAN do this.

in reply to Nussaybah

This is where this forum comes into it's own, we're all in this together, through good times and bad.

We will beat this, one day at a time and as a united front! :)

Tomorrow we link arms and forge on :)

Fine positive words hope tomorrow goes wellxx


Thank you Nussay`

Feeling much better today , thank you everyone and the amazingly kind words!! :-)

Hi Moreless,

Isn`t it annoying when we feel like this, I think the guilt thing is the worst feeling but something that we do too well!

You are doing so,so well so remember how far you have come and this little bit is tiny in comparison.

Yes tomorrow lets start a new fresh week together , and we can try and shift a little before christmas, get exercising again and focus on us again!

Thankyou More less xxx :-)

in reply to Midnight-munchie

We can do this, we've done so well so far and it's only a couple of weeks to Christmas now :)

Where's my kettlebell.....................................? ;)

Chocolate, what chocolate.............................? ;)

Hi Moreless I hope you are feeling ready for the new week as we are all in this together , feel so much better today ... yey ! Speaking of chocolate I am only 1 day ahead on my advent calender which I am very proud of!! Hee :-)

You get that kettlebell ready and I shall get my mermaid tail polished!


Hi I am in the same boat the same this week which was disappointing as i had made changes, however i am still motivated, am still eating less rubbish and although I haven't lost any weight i will keep going and keep reminding myself of the 'junk' i would normally have indulged in so do keep going. Each day is a new day.

I do realise I badly need to be more active.......

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