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A new crazy idea of mine....pole dancing anyone?

Hello lovely people,

As I was struggling to think what other crazy physical challenge my slowly-slimming body would like to try out in the quest to find the perfect exercise routine that will fit my life and will give me all those little attributes I would like very much (strong core, lean limbs, nice bootie, flexibility and ability to move ninja-style in a effortless manner...I know, it's not much to ask!), I came across this funny ,yet inspiring article: eatcleandancedirty.com/2013...

So I thought I might give a try to this, just to say that I have done it, life is too short to worry!!

So next, Google for some local pole dancing classes...

P.S. by the way, I went to the second Brazilian Jijitsu class this week and was brilliant!!! I threw guys much bigger than me on the floor...couldn't think of better ways to let all that stress go....nice ;)

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"threw guys much bigger than me on the floor"

Well that's the perfect way to shed weight .............. 12 st in one quick throw :D :D :D

Well done Stefanix :)


Exactly!!! :)

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Where are you? a girl at work does it, I thought she must have been a gymnast as a child, but it turns out she was no too tall and weighed 15st when she left school. She was looking for something she enjoyed and it turns out she is quite bendy, it gives you core strength and she is so well toned - go for it the class she attends is polefit


Hi Prin, yes it's with Pole Fitness, they run 55 classes in the country, three of them in Reading. I have a trial on Friday. This is the craziest thing I have ever done!

I will let you know how it goes!



I also find pole dancing as an interesting way to lose weight! I mean you need a lot of muscles working to hold yourself up on the pole, right? I'm just too scared to fall off the pole though. lol. But I have a couple of friends who have lost significant amount of weight because of pole dancing! And they've become stronger, too! I hope I get the guts to try it in the future. ;)


Why not, skinsagemia!!! i'm of the opinion that if there's something you like you should try it, no matter what! If it turns out not to be that great, you can leave it behind, but at least you'll know it's not for you. Otherwise life becomes one missed opportunity after the other!!

Maybe a new year's resolution?



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