Week 48

Hi everyone :-)

This is the day a day to celebrate another milestone, another victory as I have lost SIX STONE & ONE POUND!!!!!! WOOOOOOOOHOOOOO :-)

Lost 2 lbs this week with a lot of hard work, determination and planning and I am so, so pleased.

Start weight 240 lbs

Today's weight 155 lbs

Lost 85 lbs

Now only 2 lbs to go for the xmas challenge, I can do this :-) Breaking into the 10's is my goal before Christmas and I am more determined than ever now and this would be my ultimate gift this Christmas :-)

Let's keep going, keep the body moving, keep the mind focused and plan, plan, plan...

Trafford1 x


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40 Replies

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  • I had absolutely no doubt that you'd smash that 6st marker this week Trafford. Woohoo! WTG you! Fantastic! :) :) :)

    What you've achieved is nothing short of amazing, you must feel absolutely over the moon.

    You are a true trail blazer and an inspiration to us all. Just keep on the way you are and the 10's will definitely be yours by Christmas :)

    All the very best to you. xx

  • Thank you so much moreless for your kind words they really mean a lot to me :-) you have kept me motivated no end these last two weeks and you seem to have a way of sticking in my head when I am working out LOL. Words can be very powerful and motivational and I have used this to my advantage so thank you again moreless :-)

    I am going to continue this week with the same drive because that number 10 is just waiting for me and is only days away. I am hoping to reach this by next week so fingers crossed

    I'm so excited and I just can't hide it!! I'm about to lose control and I think I like it :-) I'm ready for a run or something

    Trafford1 x

  • O.M.G.....well done you. If you read my Friday post ,you have every reason to be dancing round the lounge tonight, go for it and if you can't do that standing up then do it on a chair......but give it some welly and a whole lotta soul

    Pj53 πŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡

  • Thank you PJ53 :-) I love your enthusiasm and energy...I've already been dancing around this morning and doing squats in the bathroom once I found out my results :-) Lot's of welly and a whole lotta soul right there with you hun x

  • Well done you I'm off to work and will probably achieve my my 10,000 steps today πŸƒπŸƒπŸƒπŸƒ

  • Have a nice day and don't let nothing stop you achieving those 10,000 steps today :-) They say that if you ain't moving you losing teehee :-)

  • I said last week how impressed I was with your perseverance. You have done amazing,y well to stuck with it for a year. Are you going to treat yoursekf again.

  • Thank you Aqua, I'm certainly enjoying the journey and all of the rewards that come with it. It's become a lifestyle change, change for life not just for the one year. The year is to lose 92 lbs and I believe that if I set this goal then I will reach and achieve it. I will be treating myself to a whole new wardrobe once I reach my goal of being a size 10 :-)

  • Amazing Tafford1! Not just hit the 6 stone marker but smashed through it and out the other side :) only 2lbs to go til you're in the 10s. You've definitely got everything in place to get there by Xmas, if not before. I've been sending you good vibes this week, I hope you received them, just really really want to see you succeed and you did! :) good luck for another excellent week ahead :)

  • Hi Ruth, that's so nice and so sweet :-) I know as much as I believe in myself you believe in me too and that means a lots and your good vibes have been well received thank you hun :-) Have already been on a run this morning and done all the shopping as I was full of energy and excitement which had to be burned LOL

    Here's to another successful week ahead with more losses on the horizon those 2 lbs are waiting to be burned :-)

    Traff x

  • Congratulations and celebrations πŸ’πŸŽ‰πŸŽŠπŸΈπŸ’‹ !! Had no doubt you would succeed Traff so so happy for you.xx

    I share your determination for our Christmas goals they are well within reach we just need to believe and go for it πŸ˜ƒ

    Have a lovely weekend


  • Thank you flossie :-) it' nice to hear that you had so much confidence in me. That makes me feel really good :-) the Christmas challenge is not far off now and I know you will do your very best to achieve your goal as will I. Now I only have 4 weeks to complete my 1 year challenge I set so that's exciting too to see just what I can achieve in that time. The Christmas hols are not going to help with the food and wine, but I sure will try to stick to my goal of losing 92 lbs.

    Hope you have a lovely weekend as well floss x

  • Trafford1, a brilliant post that radiates positivity, self worth and self determination. The sky's the limit for you. You have made a complete lifestyle change that can only bode well in all aspects of your life, going forward.

    You've given us all something to celebrate :) Thank you for your inspiration :)

  • Thank you so much Tewson, your kind words really mean a lot. I am always happy to inspire others on their journey and happy to have inspired you :-) I have almost completed one year on this journey and I must say it has all been so worth it and it's support from you guys on the forum that make it all just as worth it and keep me motivated from one day to the next, week in week out and I appreciate all of it :-) so thank you again x Traff :-)

  • Well done on your loss, keep it going and live the dream!!

  • Thank you doralin :-)

  • well done hun

  • Thank you shogg :-)

  • Well done Trafford - over 6 stones is amazing and inspirational :)

    Under 10 must have seemed like an impossible dream but you are now so close - keep up the good work :)

  • Hi sueper, thank you :-) I'm almost there and cannot wait so will keep running and lifting till I make it. I've made most of my dreams come true and made what seemed like the impossible possible through believing in myself and it really works :-)

  • Well done you are an inspiration.

  • Thank you 11253summer :-) really means a lot to me x

  • Woo-hoo! That is FANTASTIC - well done!

  • Thank you LotToLose :-) such a great day today x

  • Amazing as always Trafford1. Since I joined the forum you have always been around and I have learnt that your determination knows no limits. There is no doubt that you will be in the 10's by Christmas. You are such an inspiration, thank you so much for the support and motivation that you continue to bring to us all.

  • Aww thank you mrsg3 :-) I have been around for a while now haven't I :-) and love reading and supporting others on their journeys, it's such a great place to be and the nhs 12 week plan is where this all started for me and I am so glad I found the plan and this community. It's been just as supportive and motivational for me too and I have been inspired by many including you and I thank you for your kind words and support on my journey mrsg3 x

  • Hi Trafford1 , or.r.r.rsum. V impressed. Am of to plan plan plan

  • Hi Gonti and thank you so v'much, I'm v'happy as you can tell :-) it's been non stop all week from the exercise to the daily planning which I think is key to a successful journey. Plan everything and to make life easier anything you can prepare or cook in advance do it. I've been doing this for almost a year now and I am so used to planning a healthy meal or packed lunch for work it's part of my everyday routine.

    Plan, plan, plan :-)

  • Wow just incredible! You give me courage and faith that I can do this too! You are amazing! Congratulations Trafford! xxx

  • Aww thank you Elsie for your kind words. I always say anything is possible and dreams really can come true when you believe in yourself and I haven't stopped believing in myself since day one and look where it has taken me :-) Every single one of those 48 weeks have been so worth everything I have put into this and it's so exciting to see and feel all of the positive changes I have made.

    I am so happy that I have given you courage and faith and YES Elsie YOU can do this too! Don't stop believing in you and your abilities to succeed on your journey hun :-)

  • Thank you, it's amazing the changes that can be made so quickly! I'm not sure who the old me was and I'm certainly embracing the new one! I'm happier, feeling healthier and just looking at life completely differently! :-) xxx

  • That's so nice to here and I'm so happy for you :-)

  • Well done on your amazing weight loss and you av come so far you wil defo defeat the 2 pound u need to lose I have a question for you what exercise did u start of with and how long did it take you to change your eating habits? Your reply would b greatly appreciated as im finding it hard to get started again.

  • Thank you happynaz :-) I started off walking everyday 7 days for 30 mins in wk 1, walking for 40 mins 7 days wk 2 and 50 mins 7 days wk 3.

    My eating habits changed from day one. I went from frying to baking and looked at portion control and ate more veg than carbs and I began eating breakfast for the first time in years. Before I would just skip breakfast or get a sausage roll, bacon barm or eat some crisps. I was doing all the wrong things without even thinking about it.

    Planning your food choices in advance will definitely help and I found myself seasoning or even cooking the dinner before I went to work and chopping the vegetables all ready for when I returned home from work so I didn't have the chore of coming home from work and doing this and it has worked this whole time.

    I also have set times for when I eat and this also helps. Having a routine in place of when to exercise and when to eat has kept me on track and I don't find myself hungry because of this. It all fits in around my lifestyle.

    I hope some of what I have said helps you to get started again and if you do want to ask me anything else please fire away :-) and best of luck with your journey happynaz

  • Well done trafford - you were always going to smash your 6st target this week with your positive mental attitude (and those shoes !!) :-)

  • Thank you lucca :-) I have completed 76,775 steps this week both running and walking to smash that 6st target and I did it and so happy. Now I can concentrate on getting in to the 10's which I am really excited about. I love those shoes they are so pretty and they look really nice on and I can walk in them already. I was worried I would be able to, but with the weight coming off I am finding it easier to wear heals :-)

  • Thankyou sooo much trafford todays is day one for mee no more waiting for monday to come todays the day u are a true inspiration I will let you know how I goo thanks again.

  • I'm so pleased to hear that today is the day no more waiting for Monday to roll round. I was the same I picked a day and I began my journey without hesitation. You have nothing to lose by committing to the plan, it's a new way of life, a new way of living and so rewarding I might add.

    I just heard the other day -

    If you ain't moving you ain't losing

    If you ain't dying you ain't trying LOL

    I love these to sayings and they have stuck in my head this past week.

    Best wishes x

  • Well done on what you have achieved and on what you will achieve bg Christmas. You can do this . You are doing this. You are infinitly healthier than you were. West a great present you have given yourself and those who love you. What an inspiration you are to others starting out with y stone to lose. You rock!

  • Thank you 2bFabnfit I'm almost there and so excited to reach my Christmas goal I am going to put everything into this journey this week with some very good planning in place I sure hope I can do this :-)

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