So I started this about 5 weeks ago and have lost a stone so far- however I fell off the wagon a bit this week and although I've stayed within my calories (most days) the food hasnt been fab- I have also done no exercise minus general functioning and strength training I keep weighing myself and I've not lost anything but not put anything on but time to knuckle down

so as of monday- bye bye carbs

white rice, wholemeal bread etc (I was shocked about how unhealthy this actually is after watching the doctor in the house show)

I know this change is gonna be hard and a big effort and my partner wont like it but needs must-

if anyone has any recipe suggestions or general advice it would be greatly appreciated- I'm worried about how hard this is gonna be but here goes!! :D


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12 Replies

  • Well done.

  • I wouldn't cut all out but do cut down . Ie allow it when eating out or a few nights a week or possibly just halve the portion size. Carbs give energy and add fibre. Switch to whole grain/wild rice etc find swaps that work and you enjoy.


    If you make too drastic a change it often is not sustainable and ultimately results in yo yo dieting . Try and make switches that you can do for the long haul. Be mindful of how many carbs by all means. Cutting down can make a huge difference without leaving you feeling deprived or your diet proving socially challenging.

    That being said I cut out all refined sugar. I feel much better for it, have no cravings and my skin and digestion have both appreciated this chance. Having reached goal weight I now allow myself foods that contain it only on special occasions. (This is working out to a couple of times a month ) that way it is a real treat and I really enjoy it when I do have it.

    My favourite long term switch is courgettI instead of spaghetti.

    You can buy a spiraliser but I don't have space for another gadget. I bought a julienne peeler from Lakeland for just a few quid. Does the job well. I love courgetti now and my husband has half spaghetti/ half courgetti. He actually asks for it now! ( Google recipes for Courgetti it but main thing is not to overcook it)

    All the best

  • Hi Wood05, like 2bfabnfit said, you don't have to eliminate carbs but by cutting them down you can cut calories as well as portion size. One thing that I've realised is that you can replace the traditional carb element of your meal (eg pasta, white potato, rice,) with one of the starchier vegetables such as sweet potato, pumpkin, squash, carrots, sweetcorn (or other root veg like parsnips and turnips but I don't like them!) You still get your fibre, energy, and nutrients but the overall carb load of your meal is smaller. This doesn't work if you are specifically doing a low carb diet but it does if you just want to reduce them. I do love bread but I've drastically reduced the amount I have, and now just have a small slice of rye bread ( which has a lower GI than wholemeal) with salad/ whatever I would have put in a sandwich. So the proportions of bread to filling in a sandwich have swapped! Going to have a go at making my own rye bread today as though I love the one from tesco it's from their fresh bakery so no list of ingredients on the bag. Good luck ☀️

  • try cauliflower rice instead, we've had it with curry and chilli, its a brilliant substitute.

    I found I didn't have the bloated feeling after dinner that I get with rice.

  • Try scooping stir fry onto romaine lettuce leaves. I make my stir fry with lots of veg and Quorn 'chicken style pieces', and for the sauce I use tamarind (they have it in the 'ingredients' section in Tesco), soy sauce, ginger, garlic & a little chilli. I never completely cut out carbs, but with this meal you can stretch 25g (uncooked weight) of rice a long way. I make a sort of runway of rice on the leaf first, then spoon on stir fry (not too much) then roll the sides in and pick it up with my hands to eat. Hope that inspires you :) also maybe look up lettuce wrap meal ideas etc on the web. It's a tasty way to fill up on lettuce. Good luck and don't be too hard on yourself :)

  • Thank you all for your responses- I I it managed to over halve my rice amout with a meal and am full on that amount but after some research I thought I'd drop those statchy carbs- rice pasta potatoe and have a mainly meat and veg diet for a wee while getting my carbs from veg that I eat-

    I did say to my partner we could have it one day a week ie if I make a curry or we go out etc

    I think lunch will be my biggest challenge as I always have a sandwich so I'll see how it goes

    I'm not even sure it'll make a difference to Weight loss or how I feel but something needs to change

  • Hiya, to be fair ive not been losing weight, although eating this way has helped some health problems, and I've maintained the weight I did lose earlier this year without having to monitor or count anything. I think to lose more weight I still need to keep an eye on overall calories, but I think it will be easier than before once my brain makes the commitment to do it! ☀️

  • A 'stay the same' is always a result in my book!!

    Stay planned and go for it.


  • I watched the doctor in the house and was also shocked by how unhealthy wholemeal bread and rice were .Congratulations losing a stone marvellous I have lost half a stone

  • Cutting out the refined carbs is a really good idea for health and (hopefully) weight loss.

    This is a list of some healthy carbs to go along with the other suggestions you have been given.

  • Just had a look, this is a great list, I forgot to mention quinoa and buckwheat in my post above, which are fairly new to me but loving them! ☀️

  • just done my shop!! fingers crossed it goes well!

    I think I will still be having my oats for breakfast but its defo bye bye to rice pasta and potatoes fingers crossed i can stick at it and still have enough energy

    some of the veg i bought looks so tasty though so im 100% excited to start :D

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