Daunting Task

New to this site but no to weight loss. I have lost 7 stone plus in the past, unfortunately i have found it again and more besides! This is as it says in the title is a daunting task. I have 10 atone to lose to get to a healthy weight. It is a scary amount but I am determined that i will do all i can to rid myself of this unhealthy state i am in. Any support and motivation will be greatly appreciated .

Loz x


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9 Replies

  • Hi and welcome Loz :)

    Don't for one minute think you're the only one with a history of failed diets and a heap of weight to lose, there are many of us.

    My advice is not to focus on the whole amount, but small goals and easier achievements.

    I've given you some links to posts of mine, to prove that it can be done, but I would urge you to read as many posts as you can, because that's where you'll get the answers to your questions, inspiration and motivation.

    All the best :)



  • Hi Loz I am in to a similar position to you with around 9 st to lose but I break that down and just look at a stone a time. I am 1st 2lb down and already feel so much better which is motivating me to keep on and tackle the next stone. I am also new to this forum and it is lovely to have the support of others. Good luck.

  • Hey well done on your loss! I have decided to break my loss down into half stone targets at first. I really want to lose weight , i feel so unhealthy at the moment.Its my Christmas do next week and i am trying to find excuses not to go because i feel like such a frump as i always wear baggy black clothes!



  • Hi and welcome. Don't be daunted. Everything has to have a day 1,week 1, etc. You can't think about the whole thing all in one go. There is no point and it will get in the way of making a start.

    There are lots of people on here with a lot too loose ( me included). You will get support and see how other people cope.

    Good luck

  • Hi and welcome. I have a pile to lose too so you are not alone. I lost 7 stone just after I had my kids and nearly 18 years later still trying to lose it again after getting all back again!!!!

    Make a start and you'll be amazed how quick it starts to come off!

    Elsie xxx

  • Thanks for the welcome Elsie. Its not easy is it ! But I am determined. People keep saying its a bad time to start as Christmas is just round the corner but i guess i could fined reasons all the time so i decided that i had to start now !



  • Well done for starting now! That's such a good idea because if you don't you could gain another 7lbs over xmas easily! You'll get lots of excellent advice here!

    E xxx

  • I'm in the same boat, 3 years ago I lost 7 stone, I've now put it all back on, I really hate myself I really can't believe I've done it, I keep thinking back to all the lovely clothes I could wear, how great I felt, you would think that would motivate me enough to stop eating but no I cleared out my wardrobe yesterday of my thin clothes then went and ate a packet of biscuits!! I'm going to stop this, I've done it before so I know I can do it again, last time I did it with Lighterlife but I'm going to take it slow and steady this time and hopefully it will stay off.

  • I have so many clothes in different sizes, some i have never worn but i am feeling determined that at some point next year i will take out some smaller size clothes and they will fit.



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