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Breast reconstruction.....weight loss!

I was diagnosed with breast cancer 3 1/2 years ago and had to undergo a double mastectomy. I am now undecided as to whether or not to have reconstruction surgery as it's such a big op and at the moment am quite happy to live as a flattie. My motivation right now is to lose weight to get rid of my buddah belly and then may consider the recon option. I need to have a BMI of 30 or under and it's 38 at the moment. Seeing and reading all the success stories really have help to motivate me so thank you so much. I've had another good week so hoping for a loss on Saturday. Would like to hit a stone lost by Christmas! Love this plan, never been so happy!

E xxx

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Good luck with your weight loss. I hope you hit your target. Fingers crossed.


good luck for saturday but i,m sure you dont need it as for the other only you know what would make you happy but you can think more on that when you get to your goalx


Good luck Elsie :-) Let us know how you are getting on with the C25K program as well. I've found that now I've graduated and am getting some longer runs done each week, it's really helping weight loss - so it's worth sticking with to get to that stage !


Good luck with your weight loss - only you can decide whether you want to go ahead with the surgery.

If you'd like to join our xmas challenge feel free - a bunch of us losers are trying to hit the odd target before the festive eating starts :)


I hope you are now bad in good health :)


Your personality shines like a beaming light throughout your post. I somehow know your "Buddha belly" is history, once you make your mind up. It may take a little longer than Christmas, but by then the writing will be on the wall. Bye bye belly :)

Go for it ElsieW :)


Hi Elsie,

Sounds like you've been through one tough journey, glad to hear you are enjoying this one😃

I do think you are right to maybe decide re surgery once you've hit where you want to be BMI. By then you will be in a really fit, healthy state of mind and body.

Go for it Elsie, look forward to your post.😃



Losing weight will affect your shape in all sorts of ways - so I think if you're considering re-construction then you need to have a definite weight in mind. But personally, I really don't believe in aiming for a norm, we're all naturally a bit wonky, and my D cups when I was overweight have gone back to A/B cups now anyway (depending on where I go to buy bras!) - so if you don't go for re-construction you'll be in good company and also most women over the age of 25-ish rely on bras for their shape anyway, hope that's some comfort! Lots of luck for whatever you decide to go for, congrats for all you've achieved so far, and hope you enjoy following the 12 week plan - it's totally ace :)

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If I was you I would hold on for reconstruction until you have found your ideal weight and can sustain it. Then match you breasts to suit the rest of your body. you will get more balanced and with no back pains.


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