Pleased.....I think πŸ€”

Had my review at circuit class today and have been ' moved up'( not sure what words to use lol) to the next level of exercise. The squats have taken me to another level !!! Boy did I feel them! Oooch, my legs are still protesting and my middle ???? .

Think I'm feeling pleased, will know tomorrow wether I'm still hurting or not !!! LolπŸ˜ƒ

Not bad for a newly turned 56yrs old gym bunny ( not!!) but if someone had said I'd really enjoy exercise I would have said no way, but the reality is I love feeling fitter, healthier and more toned.

Yes I've still a way to go but when it's fun( most of the time) and enjoyable it makes it nearly easy !!

Hope you are all having a fab week



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14 Replies

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  • Yaay Flossie, gold star pupil, go to the top of the class :)

    You're putting us all to shame :)

  • You are very kind. I'm still in shock never did think of self as fit !!

    No where near as some but can aspire lol


  • Fabulous!

  • Thanks


  • Well done! I bet you look as fab as you feel!

  • Thanks, not sure !! Lol


  • Check you out misses :-) very well done honey. It's great your feeling fitter, healthier and more toned.

    I'm having a fabulous week floss, almost gave in to temptation yesterday though as I was passing the shop on my usual 1 hour walk I saw some lovely bottles of red wine in the window and almost gave in, but I didn't I walked on by....I just felt like some wine but glad I didn't :-) don't want anything stopping me achieving this 6 st this week.

    Your doing fabulous and keep up all the good work x

  • Thanks Traff,

    Glad you walked on by, just think how nice a glass of red will taste once you have weighed in and reach the big 6 !!πŸ˜ƒ

    Good for you, wish I was always that disciplined but some times I can!! I too have had a steady week so fingers crossed for Friday ?? We'll see.

    Enjoy the rest of your week


  • Congrats Flossie the gym bunny - aspiring is how you get there - no need to doubt your abilities - you're on the journey - the destination comes later. Sounds like you've worked really hard and it's a well deserved promotion, but hope it doesn't hurt too much! :)

  • Thanks Ruth,

    I did think of you as I started my next level squats, don't think I'll manage many but tryin 5 a day !! I know it's not how many it's the doing !!πŸ˜ƒ

    I'm even rethink the c25k !! Maybe my challange for the new year??


  • Well done Flossie!! I too have recently joined the gym and it has helped me to lose just over a stone so far (2 months). I used to think that endorphins were a myth made up by fitness trainers, but finally at the age of 52 have discovered that they do exist & feel sooo good after my sessions.

  • Thanks Doralin,

    It's true, it's all a learning curve and myth buster!!

    Congrats on your acheivement it's fantastic, and enjoy it.


  • Oooh Flossie - that's fab :-) I hate circuits, they are so hard ! So I'm incredibly impressed by your move up !!

  • Thanks Lucca,

    You've got to remember I'm in the nana circuit class!! Although have 'graduated ' to 'middle age class lolπŸ˜ƒ

    Loving it though


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