Important day in work & all my formal work trousers are too small now :( My clothes are almost disposable due to weight fluctuations and endo related bloating. Yet buying cheap clothes seem to mean they also shrink quicker (I HOPE!). Any tips for a weight changing wardrobe or decent affordable place to buy clothes? I don't want to commit to buying a bigger size just yet while I'm trying to loose!


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  • If u buy 1 pair legging 1 pair jeans and 1 pair joggers I find that leggings and jeans for going out the house so u don't use them all time and joggers for when ur at home I have this problem a lot because I have big thighs still Evans is only shop I found that fit me on leg right

  • I live in leggings, joggers & PJs haha I was thinking more for work? I'm pretty lucky I'm on my own most days so usually pair patterned jeggings (so they look more trousery) with a shirt.

  • i have black joggers, from sports direct usa sport or something brand, anyway because there is minimum logo most people think these are work trousers rather than joggers

  • I get basic jeans and trousers from BHS and spend more on nice tops. Tops last longer.

  • I find Asda good value - they have a decent online range which you can order and collect from a local store. :)

  • I agree with sueper sainburys and Tesco do good basics at a reasonable price - what size are you? There is nothing worse than squeezing into sizes - it makes you look bigger, and uncomfortable!

  • I have no idea what size I am. Sometimes I am an 8-10 but more recently I seem to be a 10-12. And I'm super short so now I'm paranoid I'm wider than I am tall haha

    Most my older pairs of work trousers are asda, I shall have to pop in one day.

    I also noticed peacocks have some nice grey trousers that look elastically.

  • In the loft I have clothes in plastic boxes ranging from 18 to 12 just in case they might fit me again or some have been up there since 1987 and daughter would fit in them, but obviously she wouldn't be seen dead in them but......last year she did borrow my good quality pure wool black cape for a office xmas do!! I like good clothes but have now decide not buy anything I do not actually fit in because I never shrink into it. As we now go shopping very little as hubby hates it I end up disappearing in clothes aisle of Asda Sainsbury and Tesco, some of their basic stuff is not bad if your not wearing it for too long before the next size.

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