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I just wanted some advice on gentle but effective exercise that I could do such as aerobic and simple weight training. I have a wobble board, an exercise tube, wrist and ankle weight cuffs and an ab wheel. I do walk to and from uni each day but I have asthma, am overweight, my legs ache very badly and I have a mild underactive thyroid as well as depression, Borderline personality disorder and am low in iron and vitamin D.

I am going to make an appointment with my doctor for next week but I just wanted guidance on some basic gentle exercises I could do each day.


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  • How about swimming or, as I do, an Aqua aerobics class. You can work at your own pace and increase as your stamina increases. The water helps to take away the stress on your joints and, although I can't swim very well and don't like getting out of my depth I find the water very therapeutic. I try to go to Aqua aerobics three days a week

    Good luck with whatever route you take, you have a lot going on so good for you for tackling it

  • walking, swimming, yoga?

    you can sit down whilst doing arm exercises - take regular breaks

  • Hi, I was going to suggest swimming, walking, hula hoop, skipping rope. There are lots of exercises you can do with your exercise tube and you can find great videos on youtube showing these. I like Rick Kaselj's videos on your tube so these might help you.

    I'd suggest also going to your local sports centre and if they have a gym they might be able to suggest a series of exercises for you that will be suitable for you.

  • I find the cross trainer does not jolt me too much

  • Thank you :)

  • Glad to hear you are able to walk to and from university. Are you able to record the distances? Do you have a Fitbit or something similar? Would be a great Crimbo present and will really help to motivate you to do more.

    How about dancing to the radio? Will make you feel good, its free and you are doing exercise.

    :) :)

  • Hi Naturegirl22.

    I am much older than you but I did have very similar symptoms last year. Since then I have really improved my physical health, my mental health and my life: developing a serious exercise habit has been a huge part of this.

    I started with the 5 minute stretching sequences recommended in the NHS live well site.

    After a couple of weeks of these routines I found and downloaded the podcasts for the strength and flex program. At the time I was much too self conscious to go to the park so I did them at home in my tiny house. ( I do find that very hard to believe now) this will get you safely into strength training.

    I also really recommend the book " Fitness for Dummies" which is completely packed with suggestions for absolute beginners. That book would take you through lots of things you could safely try with the things you already have and all the theory and the pros and cons of gyms, parks, groups etc.

    I hope you feel better quite soon.

  • YouTube is an excellent source of exercise videos lots of beginners ones. Yoga and pilates can be quite gentle. Or you get yogalates which is a combination of the two

  • This sent off before I was done. Even beginners ones have options to ease you into moves if you can't quite get them straight away. I follow a few different ones and pick a different exercise when I feel like it. I prefer going to the gym before uni just now and I'm doing the nhs couch to 5k and pole dancing

  • I do pilates, one day a week followed by yoga on Weds to Saturday. Its a good work out for my muscles, and my flexibility has improved too. The deep breathing in yoga also helps to relax me, and I find that I don't want to to eat masses of food. I also walk, as much as possible, especially upstairs as I work on the 6th floor; that depends on my vertigo though which sometimes makes it difficult to walk. Just take it steady, and things will improve. Good luck!

  • Thank you all :)

  • Apart from using the WiiFit now and again, walking has been my main form of exercise. Walking, combined with healthy eating, is enough to lose weight. Also walking is good for your mental health. I love going for a walk in the evenings after work. As I've lost weight I've found walking more and more enjoyable, and now think I am addicted to it!

  • Hi,

    how long do you walk for in the evenings and at what pace? I just brought the wii mini and I have the wii fit, haven't tried it out yet though :)

  • I never seem to have enough time to do as much walking as I'd like to, as after getting in from work and having tea I normally have loads of paper work to do which seems to take up all my evenings. However I'd try to get at least an half hours walk and preferably an hour. I'd do more if I had the time. I don't go at a fast pace, just for a leisurely stroll at normal walking speed. When I first started I used to get worn out quickly, but as I've lost weight I found now I can walk as long as I like.

  • It is such a shame you don't have as much time as you would like but it is good you can even go for a little walk.

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