How to cope with stress-related eating?

I am stressed = my mind tells me I'm hungry = I eat alot. Like today for instance. A mixture of healthy and naughty foods. I don't care - whatever is in reach (right now eating brazill nuts). This stress won't go away until we get the positive answer that the little girl matched with us is coming home to us. This could be either on 18 Dec or 20 Dec if the panel has taken place by then.Trying to find out that the panel is happening in Dec. It is booked for then but not yet been confirmed.

I need to take control of this mindless eating but I don't know how.


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9 Replies

  • You've taken a good step Lizzie, by posting on here - keep your mind and your hands otherwise occupied.

    Search the internet for answers, here are a couple

    Think about what you're doing in a detached and clinical way - when you get your little girl, all stress isn't going to magically disappear, just change. How will you deal with it when you have her with you?

    I really feel for you, because I know it's hard, but sometimes it just comes down to mind over matter and good old-fashioned willpower.

    Good luck and keep us posted (it'll keep you out of the kitchen ;) )

  • Thanks Moreless for your response and great articles. I am certainly an emotional eaters - rings true for me. You are right that the stress won't go away just change. But I have wanted to have a family for a very long time. So the stress that at the last moment that doesn't happen i.e. fear of failure is very powerful. Having it replaced with 'she won't settle' or 'she won't eat her dinner' feels like a walk in the park in comparison.

    I will keep posting and dust off my willpower.

    :) :)

  • I certainly have everything crossed for you, but can't see any reason why they should back out at this late stage. It would be counterproductive for both the child and you.

    Try to remain positive and kick extra kilometres as your stress buster :)

  • Everyone tells me the same. Even the foster carers are really positive. I need to start believing them and you 😃😃

  • We can't all be wrong, surely! :)

    Honestly, with all the positive vibes that are being sent your way, this can't fail. She has to be yours :) :) :)

  • Oh bless you. I completely understand why you would reach for the snacks but moreless is right, you'll swap one stress for another. Stay strong - you can do this.

  • This is a long story.. to be an emotional eater.. I did the same when I found out my partner was having affairs or sexting in my back, and this even before we started a relationship....but i discovered it too late.

    I experienced the betrayal and feeling of abandon... so I fell my body like useless and ate to compensate....we are a complex machine and I believe everything is linked: anxiety, what we put inside our mouth (food, alcohol, cigarettes) and the way we love or are loved. They say eating disorder finds its cause in the childhood as well and I believe this as well... I can remember as kid, I experienced insecurity (linked to my dad) for some reasons, and I start to stop to eat. My mum was used to put a bowl of milk and some biscuits in a place that a child can access and I was coming there to eat the food when nobody could see me. I think this saved me from full anorexia...

    I had some friends they have wait so long for an adoption, I remember how we have been all happy when their girl arrived in their house...

    *sorry for spelling mistakes, English is not my native language*

  • Hello Michelle - thanks for sharing your experience. It resonates so much with myself. My emotional eating does stem from my childhood also. Didn't have a loving or fulfilling relationship with my parents. Whilst I have closure - going through the adoption process has aided that - the fear of failure at times overrides my logic.

    Today was a better day. Its always good (albeit scary) to share especially on this forum :) :)

  • Take care.

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