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Week 6 Bring it on !!!!

Starting week 6 of the plan and already 6.5lbs down and feeling very cool about things......thank you,

=moderate exercise 1/2 hour per day maybe more

=writing all food intake down & sticking to 1200 Calories

Or as near as I can,

=not swapping food with my exercise

=totally cut out the booze & having Becks Blue

Results are gratifying 🙃🙄😎. Just want to keep on trucking.....

Hope we all have a good healthy & happy week.....

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Hi June,

It's all going good girl 😃, keep on trucking !


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Great discipline June , good prep for xmas and a new LBD 😊

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Well done. You are right the secret is in the planning.

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Yaay June, you're on a roll now! :)

Onwards and downwards :)

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