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Positive week even if it's been terrible

Having been told my dizzy spells are from an ear infection that making me so I can't exercise and thinking I ave gained weight this week it been bad but with the excitement of a job next week going for interview I can't help but feel next week I can get on track job interview to register I feel like I can lose more weight even fighting an ear invective at same time just have this new found I can do it confidence from this positive turn in my life

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Loads of people seem to have suffered labyrinthitis locally. The best we can do is build our immunity to cope.

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I'm just on tablets to help with the dizzy spells and so the room ain't spinning every time I turn my head but it seems to be getting better Plus I know I ain't lost but I have stayed the same this week with my weight which is better than gaining after going up and down all week came to weigh in day and I stayed same


I sympathise as I suffered from dizziness due to an inner ear infection a couple of years ago...it felt like a permanent hangover for months.


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