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New Challenge

Last year I decided to set myself a challenge. I failed miserably and have continued to binge eat and piled on weight. It's not all been downhill, I did lose a couple of stone only to pile it back on again. At the moment I work, eat, sleep . .. . my current weight is 17st 3.8lb, the heaviest I have ever been. So time to restart that challenge . . . I am again going to try the C25K, walking briskly instead of running.

THIRTY DAY CHALLENGE - 29th November, 2015

- I will walk for a minimum of 30 minutes, every day for thirty days.

- I will prepare every night for walking (laying out clothes, checking weather, planning when).

- I will walk in the morning, before going to work.

- If I am running late, I know I need to make time after work to walk.

- If the weather is really bad I will go to the gym and walk.

- I will log my walk every day on this site.

- I will see this as an achievement and be positive about my success.

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Will this be enjoyable to you?


Yes it should be, I know I'll feel better if I exercise and eat healthily. I do enjoy walking, it's just motivating myself to keep at it.


I think the motivation comes from the enjoyment. Remember the first time you were in love? It would have been difficult to think of anything else at the time! Chances are you didn't even have to consider time management :-D .

Before something starts to become a chore, think what you will do to up the enjoyment level.

Good luck!

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Oh oh oh how l wish l had all energy and self belief self esteem self love l felt when I was first in love.lf l had that now l could be someone xx


Congratulations for having another crack at this and try not to give yourself too hard a time for not managing before. This stuff is hard and falling back to an old unhealthy regime happens to the best of us. All I would recommend so planning some rewards for yourself, you clearly are a bit frustrated, and that's plenty of stick, do well and give yourself some carrot!



Good luck with your challenge.

If you fancy setting yourself a little Christmas target you are more than welcome to join the Christmas Challenge :)


Good luck :)


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