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Yo-yo here we go again


Ah! Why do I keep letting this happen?! I need to stop the cycle of weight loss and weight gain. I have fluctuated loosing and gaining three stone every year for ten years.I have never has an easy relation ship with food. I hardly ate for the first 18 years of my life but I think I have more than made up for that since. My skin can't take it any longer. My bank balance can't take it either - splurge on food then diet pills. How can I stop this for good?

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Good morning and good luck. You won't find much support here for the flash in the pan crash diet / pills options. Many of us have been there and know it doesn't really work on the long term.

The talk here is of changes for life.

Lots of us...

Start off with the NHS 12 week plan: nhs.uk/livewell/fitness/pag...

Use something like myfitnesspal to monitor calorie intake (so we can't kid ourselves what's going in...).

Plan our meals and snacks to ensure that we have lots of nice healthy food to hand - to help reduce the changes of unhealthy choices being made.

Do something like the NHS Couch to 5k programme to improve fitness: nhs.uk/Livewell/c25k/Pages/...

Come on here and chat to get ideas and support from other people - especially when we feel we need a bit of direction / affirmation. And also to celebrate the great moments (like fitting into something lovely that's been lurking at the back of the wardrobe unworn for too long, or achieving a fitness ambition). Reading other people's celebratory moments helps with my motivation too. Everyone's helpful and kind - it really does keep you focused.

Weigh-in on Mondays by responding to the big Monday weigh-in thread which is posted by the kind fab5 around 7am - which helps focus the mind for the week to come.

Why not join the gang tomorrow - you will be made very welcome!

Aqua_marineRestart Nov 2019

Stay away from diet pills. Try this nhs diet plan it is free. The support can get from the forum is free. Try a gentler way😃😃😃


I have been a serial Yoyo dieter for as long as I can remember. I decided in August that this would be the last time.

Being on here has definitely helped and I have continued to weigh in every Monday since reaching my goal 7 weeks ago.

I did the 12 week plan and used myfitnesspal to log all I consumed. I got more active and lost every week hitting the upper end of my maintenance band in under 12 weeks.

Maintenance has always been my issue but 7 weeks on and I am under my goal weight band. I am still learning how to maintain without losing more.

I eat healthily all the time but when I eat out or at social events I relax and have whatever I want.

I also found an accountability buddy on hee and we encourage each other.

This forum is a positive caring place where you will get inspiration encouragement and support. Come here often and you would be very welcome at the Monday group weigh in.

That's great. Thank you very much for the positive encouragement!

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Just in case you can't find your way Karis, here's the link. I'll be waiting for you :)


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