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The bigger you are . . . is it harder for you to lose weight?

More from the MailOnline . . . dailymail.co.uk/health/arti...


Also would you all like an update on what's going on with me? A lot's changed and I was wondering whether people would like to read a likely very long wordpress blog probably next weekend

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This is sensationalist journalism aimed to amuse and entertain the masses. Take one piece of science and then amplify the message.

The human body is highly complex and while this information may be of great use to scientists and the medical profession, it is of no use whatsoever to the general public, and dare I say, it has the capacity to demotivate some.

There're a number of things which can cause obesity, including thyroid problems and medication. If there are underlying problems, then a doctor should be consulted.

That said and done, the irrevocable truth is, that if a person is overweight, not withstanding any other medical conditions, they will lose weight quite readily, once they start a healthy eating pattern and lifestyle.

Anecdotal evidence.

A female friend, weighing over 23 stone and attending the weigh in at weight watchers watched as each person declared that they had lost 1 or 2lb. When she stood up and said that she had lost 7 1/2 lb the faces in the room looked disappointed, as their loss seemed less of an achievement.

My friend then announced, "look I'm a big lady and, and so I can afford to lose big"

It kind of says it all really.

PS I would be very interested in your blog :)


Hi Tewson,

I couldn't agree with you more!

I just do searches on newspaper sites for "obese", "fat" and "overweight" to have a look and this cropped up today.

I think this may apply for some people, but yes, some conditions such as thyroid and some medications can cause weight gain.

Even diabetes, one of the main side effects of obesity, can cause weight gain.

Just out of interest and don't reply if you don't want to, could you maybe let me know a little about you?

Rob :)


Hi Rob, you can find the basic information about me on my profile, more insight can be gained from reading some of my public posts.

I'm a great believer in self determination and in controlling ones own destiny, within reason of course. I believe that a person who has the self determination and commitment to improve themselves can shape their own future. I have a lifetime of experience in work, relationships, marriage, raising children and in caring for grandchildren.

But hey, this is not a C.V., this is about how to lose weight.

I posted my progress on this site a little while ago and update the information daily.


You will see there is reasonably steady progress towards a healthy weight. This has been achieved by firstly recognising that I was not living a healthy lifestyle. It can be difficult to accept your own failings, but that is the start to learning better ways. :)

I convinced myself in February that all I needed to do was live as usual but to be more moderate. I lost a few pound but was still around the 16.5 stone. That is until I had a look at the NHS tools such as, the calorie counter, BMI calculator and the 12 week plan.

I used these tools and lost some weight but never recorded it. It was not until I joined this site, that I started to record my weight loss.

I'm extremely happy with the progress I've made and I'm no longer OBESE. By January, I will be a healthy weight.

Contributors to my success are, personal commitment, a plan, honesty with myself, recognising that this is an essential part of improving my life going forward and last but by no means least, the support that I've received within this group.

PS. You say that "the article may apply to some" NO IT DONSE'T, not in any way shape or form. It's the sort of thing that a very weak person would hang onto as an excuse. That is unless they can write a thesis on protein sLR11.

Perhaps you know more than I about the protein, if so, please share.


I am thinking that I would like to see the stats behind thus headline. Seems like lazy journalism from the Mail yet again.

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