Week 47

Hi everyone :-)

This week I have managed to lose 1 lb bringing my total weight loss to 83 lbs so I now weigh in at 157 lbs.

It's been a great week exercise wise and been keeping up with the strength training and cardio. I felt I have lost more inches so measured again this week and found I have lost another 3 inches on my top half of the body :-) and another inch off my hips so it's all going really well. Only 4 lbs to go for the santa challenge and very confident that I will achieve this by then.

Been trying to post a photo of the before and after all morning, but this is not working for me so I took this one this morning for you guys and girls to see the progress I am making on my journey. Can't get the photo to post the correct way and I give up now so you will have to turn you heads lol. I am a size 12 which is just amazing :-) but I plan on being a size 10 and I've just purchased my first size 10 top which is just waiting for me in the wardrobe. I'm sure this will not be hanging there for too much longer :-)

I'm just 1 lb away from achieving a six stone weight loss goal so next week I am looking to lose not just one but two pounds :-) :-) with the goal set I am going to go for it so wish me luck and thank you for all the support and encouragement you have all been so kind enough to give to me :-)

Best wishes to you all and have a wonderful weekend and a great week ahead.

So this is me Trafford1 x

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29 Replies

  • Congrats on this week's 1lb loss Trafford1 and excellent pic! You look very trim and bright and glowing, who would have thought you'd ever been any different? I've also found it difficult to post pictures. I end up saving them as small files about 500kb or less and then it seems to work. Hope that helps.

    Great that you've been so focused for the Santa challenge, short term goals do really help. You will definitely lose those remaining 4lbs and what's more hit the 6 stone weight loss threshold - next week hopefully! Amazing :)

  • Thank you Ruth :-) I know I will hit the six stone threshold next no doubt and will be on top of the world when I do. 3 weeks till the santa challenge rolls round so will be going for those 4 lbs in that time and anything more will just be a bonus. Have a really enjoyable weekend hun

    Trafford1 x

  • Have a great weekend too. I ran my second 8k today. I was tempted to push to 10k like you did that time, was thinking of your bombastic attitude and thinking can I just push myself and do it too. But my legs said no so stopped at 8k :( Feels great to really push hard though. I know you get a buzz out of all the exercise, great that you are getting such rewarding results from it. I just noticed your top says tired, don't forget to rest when you need to as well :)

  • Way to go Ruth :-) excellent job running an 8k your doing fantastic girl. You have a bombastic attitude yourself and you should be so proud of yourself. It's really hard to get in the zone of running a 10k and only went for it the first time because of my mum and I wanted to do it for her.The second time was really hard and I haven't done this since, but defo plan on doing one before the new yr comes calling. I love running a 6k or 7k more these days because of all the strength training I am doing now so don't want to over do it.

    If you set yourself a goal to run your 10k before the new yr comes round then I am sure you can and will achieve this Ruth. It's when you set yourself that goal you tend to achieve it so go ahead and put this in your diary or like I did, if it feels right just keep going, it's truly amazing.

    It does say tired LOL that's my bed time top and yes when I'm tired my head hits that pillow and I'm out like a light. I love my bed and I love to sleep so all is well on the resting front.

    When those legs of yours are ready to say yes let me know so we can celebrate your achievement together, but for now congratulations on your second 8k :-) fabulous x

  • Looking fabulous honey !!!

    Great post as always and you will well kick that pesky Ib into touch for next week😃

    You continue to give so much inspiration and positiveness so here's back to you a thousand times😃

    Have a lovely weekend and look forward to celebrating your 6 stone gone !!


  • Thank you flossie, that pesky lb will be seeing the back of my hand this coming week it's not here to stay so I am aiming for 2 lbs next week. Thank you for your inspiration and positiveness it's well received and here to stay and keep me focused this week :-)

    It's only Saturday :-)

    Trafford1 x

  • WOW!!


  • Thank you Tewson :-)

  • Well done on your loss, looking good! Have to go to work later, off tomm tho

  • Thank you Diana :-) enjoy your day off tomm :-)

  • Well done Trafford you look amazing (a small bit jealous!).

    I buy stuff to slim into too it is a great incentive. You'll be a size 10 before you know it.

    Keep up the good work :)

  • Thank you sueper :-) it's such a great feeling being a size 12 but not for long and when I look at myself in the shop window or the fitting room I am like 'what' look what I've achieved and it feels so good. I don't think I can work any harder than I did this week as I did put a lot into it and I feel it's time for 2 lbs to come off so here we go again ...see u in week 48 I'm raring to goooo... :-)

  • looking hot hun well done and keep all that hard work going

  • Thank you shogg, I will definitely be keeping all that hard work going :-)

  • well done you x

  • Thank you smudgersmith :-)

  • Trafford! You are gorgeous! :)

    I'm feeling slight disappointment for you that 1lb just refused to budge, especially considering how hard you've worked to reach that 6st marker, but I know that you'll achieve your 2lb goal for next week :)

    It's fabulous that you've lost another 4" and you've done so well, it looks as though you've been slim and toned all your life - no bingo wings, like me :)

    Keep going the way you are and you'll be into that size 10 top for Christmas :)

    You are absolutely amazing! :)

  • Hi moreless and thank you hun :-)

    it's okay that I only lost a lb this week as I am never let down when I do lose weight and I am maintaining a really good record of only gaining once during this whole journey. I am retaining water this week as I had a surprise monthly and I never have these with the pill I am on, but just at the six stone mark it decided to pay a visit. So I know what caused it and normally when I drink water it releases extra water, but this week I have not been so to even get a lb makes me happy :-)

    The tables will turn for me this coming week as I remain focused, positive and full of energy to burn. Will continue with the weight lifting and running to tone and strengthen this new body of mine and keep on keeping on with a smile I might add :-)

    You have truly put the biggest smile on my face this week moreless and I've not stopped thinking of your lovely comment which has really given even more motivation to reach my goal, you have truly inspired me with your kind words my lovely and I am very much thankful for it. Your amazing too!! :-)

    Trafford1 x

  • Trust Mother Nature to pick a really inconvenient time to pay a visit, although to be honest, every time she calls is inconvenient :) However, you should have a cracking loss next week, by way of compensation :)

    You keep on having fun perfecting your body beautiful and I'll keep following in your wake, also with a smile :)

    Keep your fingers crossed for me as I've taken a leaf out of your book and am doing everything I can to reach all my targets on Monday.

    Onwards and downwards! :) xx

  • I definitely deserve compensating, that has really made me laugh so much moreless :-) I will be thinking of you doing everything you can to reach your target from now until you post on Monday, for sure and all my good positive {{{{{{vibes}}}}}}}} are being sent to you right now ........go on take them they belong to you now :-) wishing you so very well on your journey hun x

  • Thanks so much :) xx

  • Well done.

  • Thanking you Aqua_marine :-)

  • Woo-hoo! That is fantastic and you look fabulous - well done and good luck for 2lb next week!

  • Thank you LotToLose should be an interesting week and can't wait to see what next week has to offer. Work hard play hard and keep moving that's my moto for this week :-) best wishes x

  • 6 stone in total that is just amazing! Well done to you such a huge achievement.

    Good luck fitting in the size 10 top soon!

    Emma x

  • Thank you Emma :-) I do already fit in the top I just want to have a little more space and that way feel confident wearing it, but it fits :-) Six stone is just on the horizon 05/12/2015 sun rise :-)

  • fantastic well done

  • thank you hun x

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