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Little bits of inspiration!!


I was reading through a few posts and wondered what little things people do that help the weight come off . I know everyone has different plans ,amounts to lose and are on differing journeys but thought little tips from different people may help others.

Just little tiny things that people actually find make a difference to it being a great week , an okay week or a bit of a struggle.:-)

IT can be a really simple little thing that may make an overall big difference, for example my week is much better if I write down what I eat each day and use my little portion plate!

Not everything will work for everyone but tips from others may be inspiring ! :-)

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Get out and exercise - not necessarily because it makes my weight loss any more (although hopefully it should !) but because psychologically it makes me feel so much better and more able to cope with eating more healthily and not slipping up.

June1965Restart Feb 2020 in reply to Hidden


You are so 100% RIGHT!!!! If I cave and don't get of my backside then boy do I suffer.......even an half an walk does me wonders......

Aqua_marineRestart Nov 2019

Don't get hungry. Make sure you have food when you need it. Rice cakes, soup, fruit etc because if you get really hungry you will eat anything and probably lots of it.

I'm the same, have snacks ready. Slice up an apple even if you don't think you want it. Make cups of tea and then find yourself drinking them. Keep low cal snacks in stock /pre-made in the freezer ready to defrost each day. Don't let yourself reach that point of feeling too hungry and caving into worse temptations!

Sandra my first week and not had good start .struggling because like writing it down .love my apps my phone ain't android so can't get any of finding useful reading peoples tips plate good idea.

keep-on in reply to hal-berry

I'm using my fitness pal to take note of everything I eat & drink. I did the bmi checker on NHS website & just set my calorie allowance to the lower end of my calorie range :)

This won't be popular- particularly at this time of year- but cut out the booze! Massive calorie saving, plus alcohol makes you more likely to go ahead and eat what you shouldn't...

June1965Restart Feb 2020 in reply to AvatheGardener


Yep you're right.....I've found an Alcohol free lager Becks Blue 38 calories and tastes like normal lagers...... But yeah if I want a good result then I cut out alcohol completely.

Aqua_marineRestart Nov 2019 in reply to AvatheGardener

I have had none for 3 months

shogg in reply to AvatheGardener

i,m lucky i dont drink

I like to exercise. Nothing strenuous but I go to Aqua aerobics, I try to go 3 times a week and plenty of walking This does help with my weight loss

June1965Restart Feb 2020


I love all the suggestions on here and we are such a good team😜 Loving this site so much, it is my saviour ( honestly) love you

Found it hard use in past maybe because wasn't calorie got it again. Finding this forum more supportive then weight watchers.

Love all the ideas , I am up so late today can`t seem to get ready, just keep having another cuppa!

I am the same June love all the people on here its so supportive, I could definitely do more snack preparation as Ruth says to stop me getting tempted.

I also find If i start my week well on Mon the rest of the week seems to flow better so I find making sure i have lots of healthy food in on a Monday really helps me focus but that could simply be something silly I do! :-)

I also find not having treats in the house stops me nibbling! although yesterday I pigged out on grapes and pistatios !!

Could do much worse than grapes and pistachios though! Imagine the damage if less healthy things had been around! :)

My husband and I have zilch will power so we only ever buy naughty foods as a treat or if we have friends around. Otherwise we are both as bad as each other and scoff the lot. When he buys me chocolates he gets a really expensive small box rather than a much larger normal box. Clever man!

I started by using my fitness pal app for smartphone which tracks calories for food intake and exercise. You can enter by brand and quantity etc, I found out exactly what I was eating which really shocked. but also reinforced my discipline. I stopped after 6 months as you quickly learn portion and calorie control.

I also found drinking plenty of water, particularly when snack pangs started helped in the early stages too. Dry months are also a huge benefit, porridge for brekkie filled till lunch, exercise and support , smiling also! It should be fun.

Good luck!!

Three meals a day no snacks, and lots of yoga pilates and walking. I think stress is one of the reasons for putting on weight because its difficult to relax when you are stressed out with life work etc. So trying to listen to your body, and eating nourishing food is a good way to go. However you need to find out what's right for you then you can stick to it. Good luck.

Set small, manageable goals and appreciate every little achievement.

I realised that doing up my shoelaces is no longer a struggle this week - yay!

sueper5 stone

For me it has been educating myself a bit - not so much on healthy eating but about what I like to eat. There is no point eating food you hate for a few weeks and then giving up.

So I have learnt the calorie content of the meals I like. I've then found ways to reduce the calories - often this has been reducing portion size and using less cheese! The odd thing I now avoid but mostly I just eat a lot less of it.

The other thing I do is eat very little during the day and save most of my calories for the evening. We are all different so it is a matter of working out what suits you and your lifestyle but for me it is being able to eat more in the evening.

Enjoying all the tips :)

miopus in reply to sueper

I think you're right. I found I was eating late at night because I didn't really like the meal my husband cooked - and he doesn't like me to complain, so I was eating double really - late night things like ham sandwiches and marmalade on toast - it all adds up...

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