Sure you lot understand this feeling

I have been working hard at loosing weight for nearly 3 months. I have lost quite a bit of weight but my journey is going to be a long one. It is not that it is not working it is just that this is how it is going to be for the next year at least. I am feeling a bit meh.. A bit impatient etc. I need to get over myself I think. 😐


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30 Replies

  • Well assuming it wasn't steroids that put the weight on, losing it takes a while!

    For most it took a while to get there, celebrate and enjoy the journey tho

  • Not steroids but lots of unpleasant tablets. I was really unwell for about 4 years. Hoping I am moving out of that part of my life now.

  • Aqua_Marine, I understand where you're coming from. Yes it's a long road, longer for some than others. The alternatives don't bare thinking of, the discomfort of being overweight, the susceptibility to a whole host of avoidable illnesses.

    As long as you stick to your plan, the weight will fall off, but you know that already. It seems like a long time, but once you start going down in dress sizes, you begin to realise just how quick the process is. It may come off quicker than you think :)

    Exercise is important, but keeping to the lower end of your calorie allowance will have the biggest and quickest effect. Don't throw your efforts away, you've already done a lot of work, and it does get easier. Stay with it, because you deserve to have the body and health that you're striving for. It's within your grasp, take it.

    One more thing; your posts are amongst those I actively look out for, because they are so encouraging. Don't let me down, but more importantly, don't let yourself down.

    Have a nice weekend and I'll see you at the Monday weigh in. :)

  • Thank you. You made me smile. The day I go down a dress size ou will hear me shouting from Leicester. 😎

  • Hi Aqua,

    I know just how you feel. If I continue losing at the rate I am I should be a healthy weight by April 2017 - that's over 2 years of trying to lose weight. But April 2017 is a helluva lot closer now than it was in Feb 2015. Back then I couldn't even contemplate when I might hit a healthy weight.

    In some ways I think it gets easier the longer you do it, especially if you are treating it more as a lifestyle change than a diet. Each month you notice something new such as generally not being so hungry or, as has happened to me recently, just less interest in food. I still love it but don't obsess about it so much.

    As has already been said once you start fitting into smaller clothes it certainly helps and with that will hopefully come the compliments from others.

    You've made good steady progress so far so you know you can do it and before long you'll be looking at those old clothes not believing you were ever that big!

  • Sueper thank you. You are an inspiration to me. I am not giving up. I am determined to see this through. I will be here. When you reach your goal.

  • For inspiration read the story of Gaz39 he is a English lad who started his journey when he reached one pound short of 40 stone, he started cycling and in three years he has lost 26 stone, Which is like two average human beings.

    When I feel flat or think its to hard to keep it up I flick on his web site and it gives me a real boost.

    Have a look it may help.

  • Don't lose heart hun, the weight didn't go on overnight and if you lost it quickly its less likely to stay off. Hopefully you'll get a handle on what works for you and the long-term will feel more achievable :)

    Kate x

  • Hi Aqua, it is so so hard to keep feeling positive when the road seems a really long one and though you know how to get to your destination there are lots of little hurdles along the way to jump over and this feeling you have is just a little bump in your journey, which you can easily stride over. You are always so encouraging to others as Tewson also says and so we are sending that encouragement right back at you hun, and many of us are walking along right beside you , and can give you a little piggy back when things get a bit tiresome:-)

    Tomorrow is always a new day and so maybe try and find something new to help ie check out new recipes , try a little dancing or walk in new areas or take up a new little interest to help take your mind off things so then being healthy is just something you fit in and you enjoy the here and now too!!

    Sending big hugs xx ( you can do it :-)

  • I am going swimming this afternoon xx

  • Yey I find swimming really therueputic have a great time Aqua :-)

  • I'm only just starting out but completely understand this feeling. The future always seems to be a never-ending boring track of sameness. I'm trying to look at it from different points of view to get me through and maybe it might help you too. My first wedding anniversary is in a couple of weeks and thinking about how quickly the year has passed is making me rethink how time goes. Looking back isn't always bad. I am also trying to think in days and weeks rather than the whole picture. I know it's there but am trying to focus on details...did I do OK today? What were my successes this week? OK what have I screwed up & need to work on?

    They don't always work but when the reality is a long hard road, maybe sometimes we can close our eyes and dream to get us through? :) Im waffling...sorry!

  • Aqua don't lose sight of the end goal. Never lose sight, I get the impatient bit, but the longer you stick with it the easier this felling of impatience becomes. I now just have my end goal in sight and roll with it every week and have now reached week 47 on the journey. I began knowing that I would be doing this for 1 whole year so that's 52 weeks to take back control of my life. It's hard sometimes, but be patient it will all be worth it and your doing so very well.

  • Hi aqua_marine - don't be disheartened, you are doing really well :-)

    I understand the impatience bit though - nothing worse than thinking how long ahead you've got to go, and that's where I usually start thinking it's pointless, or start telling myself that perhaps I look ok as I am and it doesn't matter if I don't lose anymore ! Neither excuse helps in the long run and consequently I've yo-yo'ed with my weight for a long time.

    I feel though that this time I have managed to make a change in my thinking which is making a huge difference. I no longer feel like I on a 'diet' that I have to do for a certain period of time, and then I'm free to go back to eating what I want again (and hence getting impatient for that time). I am becoming pretty reconciled to the fact that this is how I should be eating, long term. Once I get to my target weight, I have no plans to change what I'm eating, I'm just going to carry on like this (obviously with just an extra banana or something to maintain weight).

    Having got that thought sorted in my head, I just feel that the weight loss at the moment is almost a side effect (if you see what I mean) that will just happen naturally. Because there is no end point, I've got nothing to feel impatient for !

    Perhaps this doesn't make sense to anyone else, but it's difficult to explain !! :-)

  • It makes sense to me. What are we actually being impatient for. An easy answer is we're impatient to see results. But there's also a part that's impatient to stop having to abstain from certain foods or just quantities of food, as well as all the effort re exercise etc. In a way when you get to the end, you then miss the feeling of purpose which is ironic! Healthy eating to maintain weight is strangely less satisfying than doing it to lose weight! But shifting back to previous habits, larger portions etc, is simply not an option. It's definitely a change for life!

  • You are right Ruth. I don't think I mind the cutting down bit as much as the results bit. I feel a bit like ok I am doing what I shoukd can I live without the lumps now. 😀 obviously I have to just keep going.

  • Hi Lucca , I think that is something I am doing as well not thinking of it being a diet but just a shift in my thought process as something that will continue.

    I have done too many diets through life and put weight back on so easily so am approaching this in a different mindset.

    I have small goals but am trying not to focus too far ahead and just focus on the stone in hand, but am trying to enjoy it now as well rather than waiting for something when I am at a certain weight.

    I also have foods I like but just less of them as I know I wont keep up my healthy eating for life if I can`t wait to go back to foods i like ,i just end up feeling deprived!! :-)

    Completely get what you mean and I do find it my mindset that is really helping. x

  • Hi, I have been at it for years, I lost 3.5stone in just over a year. Got to my target, went back to my old way of eating and within weeks I had put back on 1.5stone. I have now been 3Years trying to lose it again, messing about with my diet. Five months ago I sat myself down and have myself a talking to. I have realised I am not actually on a diet but have changed the way I eat. While trying to get rid of the extra 1.5 stone I am having to eat rather less calories but overall it is a lifestyle change. I have now lost 1s 3lb of that weight and have 5lb to go to get to my target

    The point of all this rambling is to say it may be a slow and bumpy road but with determination and patience you can do it

  • Hi Honey,

    Sorry your feeling a bit 'meh' I think we all get like that no matter where we are in our journey but don't loose heart. 😃

    Why not look back and do a bit of pro/con list of where you where before you started and where you are now?? It's not just about wgt loss and dress size it's about feeling healthy and good about ourselves and it sounds like you've got lots to be proud about😃

    Have a lovely weekend and why not think about joining me and Sueper on our next challange for around Easter ! Lol


  • I will be joining that challenge.

  • you are totally and utterly normal!!! l want to loose my weight in the next few weeks but really my journey will take at least 18months which l can't bear to even think about.l did something yesterday which l haven't done before l calculated my weight to pounds[not stones and pounds]as this can then be less intimidating than stones.

    without sounding patronising loosing 1 - 2 pounds a week is more achievable realistic and you are more likely to keep it off the slower it is lost.Also your skin has a chance to recover!!!

    Another tip as well come on this site and tap in a message/browse/write to someone else as they are most probably feeling exactly the same way you are!! xx

  • Yeah I am losing weight in kilos so I don't think about stones.

  • I am the biggest advocate for donating too large clothes, but if you can find something large and unflattering, pop it on and remember how you felt when you looked in the mirror.............

  • It's perfectly normal to feel this way, it's a long road... My scales haven't budged in just over a month now! The thing is, yes there are quicker ways to lose weight BUT they are not sustainable and people tend to end up piling the weight back on even quicker.

    Chin up 😄 Xx

  • some people can't lose as hard they try. Rejoice in your success. It takes 5 years of keeping each 15lb weight loss to make it permanent. Sure you don't want to spend all your life gloom and doom. We all hit plateaus. Just use this holiday season NOT to gain. Don't want all your good work to evaporate. Happy holidays and congratulations well done!

  • So many people wrote UNBELIEVABLY WONDERFUL SUGGESTIONS....We all want you to continue to succeed. I find true inspiration here. Keep up the great work!!

  • Truly grateful for the group

  • And the group is truly grateful for you :)

    Try giving yourself some of the positivity you're so good at giving to us :)

  • amen

  • My journey has officially restarted today. I have always been on the chunky side even when I was a young athlete. Illness and a triple break on my arm let the weight slowly pile on and then I had a car accident two years ago. I started to go to the gym and lose weight before injuring my back again.

    For me realising how much I now weigh has been even more painful of losing my dream of being an athlete. That is what I am trying to motivate me.

    I can't look in the mirror and I don't take pictures of myself and I guess I am just sick of being ashamed of who I am. For every 10kgs I lose I am going to take myself out to a spa. Not only can I celebrate what I have done but I can relax and hopefully learn to like myself.

    It can easily take a year or two to reach my goal but I guess what I am trying to say that the journey is the main part.

    Oh and smile ;-) always helps

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