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Food suggestions

Hi all, as a new bee I think that I am clever about food but the weight keeps going on. I need some ideas on meals to put together that will fill me and stop snacking ! I have weighed myself tonight and have decided to join WW this Thursday coming as being weighed by someone else helps me keep on track. The BMI calculator someone suggested in my first post ...I need to put my health and life first.

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Hi Lisajane1234, I'm not sure if what I'm doing is correct, but I always have cooked healthy meals in the evening, it was the portion size I had to get to grips with. I continue to eat my evening meals as normal, just less of.

I cut out anything with added sugar. These foods make you put on weight but don't provide sustenance.

For breakfast I generally have muesli but if I'm losing weight daily, I may treat myself to sardines on toast (high calories) or beans on toast.

Lunch time I generally have some couscous with various flavourings or do something like a prawn stir fry.

I have apples, oranges and bananas as snacks.

Evening meal favourites are, salmon, pea and lemon risotto with prawns. Simply do the pea risotto while the salmon is in the oven, add the peas, lemon and prawns (uncooked) a few minutes before the end of cooking.

Chicken, chorizo and chickpea cassoulet is also very good and the remainder can easily be frozen in single/double portions for another time. (google recipes )

I'm sure you will get other suggestions.

PS Someone suggested doing my own roast chickpeas for snacking, because at the moment I allow myself a few mixed nuts to stave off hunger pangs. Nuts are high in calories though, but they do work for me and for a number of others

PPS Also, worth googling "refrigerator oats".





My best diet tip is to have soup available. If you get hungry it fills you up and does not pile the calories on.

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l have always believed in good quality protein eggs,fish chicken meats and then flesh it out with potatoes and vegetables.3 meals a day,never skip breakfast snacks in the fridge to munch on drinking low calorie drinks.

Gosh isn't it easy to tell others what to eat and drink yet l can't do it for myself???x

yet x

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Thank you it help me and I appreciate the time you have taken to post your great suggestions.


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