Something strange

Something strange

Something strange happened today, I was sitting in my comfy chair, the one that's so comfortable until I try to get up. Then the pain hits the knees and I use the arms of the chair to ease myself to a standing position.

Well, I was watching the TV, and fancied a coffee. In the kitchen making myself a cuppa, (I deserved it because I'd done the cleaning, hoovering, washing and shopping), I thought to myself as the kettle boiled, "how did I get here, I don't remember leaving the living room? With that thought on my mind, I went back to my comfy chair and sat down. There was something strange happening. The trip from the kitchen to my chair was also barely memorable.

I asked myself what was different. I thought and thought, and the answer was, there was no PAIN! Since then I've been up and down in and out of my chair like a Jack in a box. The shear joy of being able to do such a simple thing without thinking about it. I'm starting to feel younger!

The aches and pains creep up on us as we very slowly age and put on weight. We learn to live with it, because it happens so slowly. I guess I'm very lucky, because for me at least, losing the weight has made a big impact on my poor knees. Aching knees are now history. Hallelujah!

PS It's a shame that I broke a tooth during the week and that I dread the dentist, but hey, you win some you lose some :)

Onwards and downwards :)


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  • Hi Tewson, glad you now have a spring in your step ;)

    My back pain has improved a lot since I've starting walking more and losing weight.

    I bent down to pick something up off the floor whilst sat in my chair today and I could reach it. Usually I can't because my belly gets in the way! It's the small things :)

    Keep up the good work :)

  • It is indeed the small things, but in reality and terms of quality of life, they are huge :)

    There's no going back now. I'm going to get fit if it kills me ???????


    Well done sueper :)

  • Just avoid the jogging - that's a killer ;)

    It is a bit embarrassing living with these stupid problems when they aren't so hard to fix. But your head has to be in the right place.

    I so love picking things up off the floor these days without groaning ;)

  • As the weather improves after Christmas, I shall probably take up cycling again. I found it to be really gentle on the knees and back.

    I simply love to hear comments like yours, highlighting the things we can all relate to. Picking up my 17 month grandson is a nightmare, but worst of all is walking along holding his hand, because I have to stoop so much.

    I might get him a pair of platform shoes for Christmas :)

  • Before you know it he'll be taller than you and you'll miss him being so little ;)

  • Isn't it strange how quickly we take things for granted. I too realised with a jolt that some of the struggles I had got so used to experiencing, were no longer an issue. I didn't realise straight away though, I just accepted it as my new norm.

    It's so important to register and appreciate these improvements, so that we never slip mindlessly back into the old habits, that led us to struggle with everyday activities, because of the excess weight we were/are carrying.

    I'm really chuffed that your knees are appreciating the new slimline you and no longer screaming out their disapproval :)

  • A while ago I posted that I was able to put my socks on without having to sit on the bed :) As you say, it's so important to remember these improvements. They are so much more relevant to me than a number on the weighing scales, at any particular moment.

    Oh and I nearly forgot, the smaller clothes I can now get into.

    Yes it's good to remember ALL the improvements and successes.


  • Hi Tewson,

    Love your jack in the box are you that colourful ??

    So glad you are feeling the benefits of being more healthy it's a really strong motivator for staying with it never minds the blips lol

    I am terrified of the dentist so poor you, I need sedation for a filling !!!

    Have a lovely weekend ( apart from the tooth lol)


  • My palms are sweating just at the thought of the dentist :(

    Yes, I suppose I am a bit of a colourful person in real life :D I guess it's because I'm a "glass half full" sort of person :)

    My knees getting better bodes well for a big 70's theme party, in February when I plan to boogie on down for most of the night. :) That's the master plan anyway. :)

  • know what you mean πŸ˜•

    Party sounds good, who are you going as ? and what a great motivator.


  • Probably someone out of Saturday Night Fever. Step aside John Travolta :D

  • Hi Tewson - getting healthy is great because the process is, if you pay attention, delivering some good news however small every week. For me today it was realising that I can easily stand up straight with my feet together. Your knees are huge news so I am delighted for you. Have fun this weekend.

  • Gonti, I'm so pleased that you too have gained a significant benefit. Really, really pleased :)

    You have a good weekend too :)

  • Hi Tewson, that's brilliant. Once we feel we can move around easier I think it makes a great difference to the way we can live our lives. You'll soon be dancing the night away.

  • Well done, to feel the benefits is just the best thing

  • how fantastic is that and what a great and inspiring post. Tewson I am so very happy for you :-)

  • Thank you trafford1, I think it's so important to remember these things, because the human mind is conditioned to not remember pain in any great detail. I wish I'd kept a diary now, but at least I can revisit some of my posts, to remind me of the value of what I'm doing. :)

  • That is so fabulous Tewson and its so nice to hear well done it the little differences that make a big difference to our lives!, I completely understand that holding the arms of the chair `feeling` and the hurting knees and hadn`t given it much thought until your post and I was the same a few weeks ago and though I only have lost 9 pounds i am slowly becoming more agile too.

    It sounds wonderful being able to spend precious time with your little grandson and gradually he will grow and you will become even more agile and nothing will stop you having fun together! (My eldest children are a lot older now and I still miss holding those baby hands, it`s something to cherish :-)

    Lovely post, lots of us can relate to !! :-)

  • That's great news Tewson :-) My knees were really causing me problems over the past year due to an injury a while ago, that just wasn't improving due to carrying excess weight. Standing up without pain would sometimes be a real struggle and like you I had to support myself to get up sometimes. I would struggle to crouch down to get something from the bottom shelf in the supermarket because I would have nothing to lean on to get back up again. At the age of 44 that wasn't a good thing !

    So yes, it's such a relief to suddenly discover that the pain has gone thanks to the weight loss - and also for me getting back into my running has meant that my leg strength has improved so I am relying more on my muscles to do the work and not just my knees :-)

    Shame about the tooth though !

  • Good luck with the tooth! I also had various aches and pains that have massively improved now. One major thing was shoes. Turned out it wasn't the shoes that were wrong, I had fat feet! Another is my stomach problems. Annoyingly, eating smaller meals has almost got rid of the pain I was suffering there. I was literally overloading my digestive system. Also, on the subject of teeth, my hygienist thought I'd had my teeth whitened on the sly as the shade of my teeth has massively lightened. We came to the conclusion it's the fact I practically cut out red wine. I could have had teeth this white all along with a little self discipline in the wine dept. Well... I have them now :)

  • Correct fitting shoes is very important for posture and that's really good news!

    I've got a feeling that there's one more thing that has improved, but I'm going to have to monitor it over a month or so, and that is my back. For a while I've had a nagging back problem, which I think was down to my big belly putting my spine out of line. I've had no back problems for a fortnight so far. So fingers crossed.

    Mobility is something we take very much for granted when we have it. Unfortunately my wife has Arthritis and I'm reminded daily how fortunate I am and how important it is to remain mobile. She can still walk around OK and has just gone dashing out to do some Christmas shopping :) Already though, she has problems cycling and has ceased to cycle. This is because she can't turn her head to see if there're any cars coming behind her, so it's quite dangerous.

    While out, she's going to buy a NOPAIN pen, having used one on her wrist at work and I was wondering if anyone on here may have used one and whether they are really effective for the niggling pains. I slipped this comment in because, it's not really appropriate for this forum and I hope it's OK. :)

  • I haven't got any experience with the NoPain pen, but maybe someone has. This forum seems to be linked to lots of things as so much stuff is tied in with weight loss. Can your wife get those rear view mirrors that you fix onto the handlebars, one for each side? Also cycling in parks etc would still be safe, maybe that could still be a possibility? Regarding back pain, I now do the lower back exercises on the NHS site and they really help. Also I notice my footsteps are quieter, as there's less weight clomping around, I think this is all good news for joints, pressure on feet etc :)

  • Yes, we can cycle quite freely along a river path, although being in London the roads to the river path are full of heavy traffic, lorries, buses etc., In the spring, I intend to have a look at bikes again, although she has problems even mounting low step through ladies bikes. Arthritis is throughout her body, neck, hips, wrists ....... everywhere really.

    This is another hidden motivation for me to be healthy to be able to help her as time progresses. :)

  • Oh I live in hope, with bad knees maybe they will get better now!That must be such a good feeling. Having suffered last 2 years with bad knee arthroscopy and knee injections this is my motivation to keep going as I love to dance and its not good for knees. Thankyou for your encouraging post

  • That's really good news Tewson, shame about the tooth though!

    Since I began the NHS eating plan last March I've been able to stop taking medication I'd been on for years for all the aches and pains. We really do put ourselves through the mill just for the love of too much of the wrong food.

    Keep up the good work and good luck at the dentist.

  • Thank you Jenever :)

  • Such a great post :-) I have also found that my back pain disappeared when I started losing weight, along with the heartburn. Onwards and upwards one and all!

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