It's only Tuesday ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

Hi all,

Hope you fantastic folk are all well and that life going in the right direction๐Ÿ˜ƒ

Weigh in today and I've lost 1.4Ib and so so happy. Had a really bumpy week i had a massive fallout with a whole advent calander and walnut whips !! but I dusted myself down and got back on track thanks to the fantastic support from you all.Trafford1 you said to me ' it's only Tuesday' and that has been my mantra the rest of the week as I've upped my exercise and ate well but healthy, thanks๐Ÿ’

In the past I would think 'well Xmas is just around the corner so a bit of this or a bit of that won't matter ' but in reality it does. I have 3 weeks to my Sueper Santa weigh in and I'm really determined to have a loss each week.

No plans for weekend so might start the dreaded present shopping !!! That will give me a bit more exercise and use of calories, it's hard to eat when in the 'festive scrum' lol.

Have a lovey weekend everyone.



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18 Replies

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  • Well done Flossie for getting back into it - just shows that if you only have the odd 'crisis' then it's not going to matter so long as you get straight back onto the healthy eating :-)

  • Thanks Lucca,

    Feel good was able to turn it around.


  • flossie358, I'm so pleased for you, and what a bright and cheerful post to read as the day starts :)

    Have a nice weekend :)

  • Thanks Tewson,

    Been a hard week, but learnt from it.


  • Great result Flossie358, especially considering your little blip earlier in the week. You're so right about the support here helping to get you back on track. Good luck with the Christmas shopping, you'll be amazed how many km's a good shopping trip covers as I found out last week.

  • Not sure anyone could match your shopping trip mrsg ! :-)

  • Thanks mrsg3,

    You are so right about the support here it's amazing, if only could be bottled and sold !!

    I've never thought of shopping as a work out but after today it's a dead cert !! Lol


  • That's brilliant, congrats! This post is excellent proof that the odd fall off the wagon doesn't matter in the grand scheme of things and that getting up and keeping going is worthwhile. I'm so glad you were rewarded for getting back on the wagon so quickly, wtg!

  • Thanks Weightwarrior,

    Still feel guilty about the advent calander though !! Glad was able to turn it around.


  • Congrats for getting back on it on Wednesday and Thursday. To be honest I think Trafford1 has that effect on everyone! Glad to hear you were motivated and have come back from advent-calendar-gate so successfully :)

  • Thanks Ruth,

    Trafford1 should be running the country !! Happy to turn it around. Hope the Job is going well.


  • Good for you Flossie! :)

    It just goes to show that in the grand scheme of things, that little blip doesn't even register, because here you are marching on to your Christmas goal with nary a backward glance :)

  • Thanks Moreless,

    Onward and downward I hope !!


  • Your post has put a big smile on my face floss and I am so pleased for you :-)

    Way to go floss and for keeping up with the possitivity and keeping in mind ' it's only Tuesday' :-) love it!! :-) :-) you've done yourself proud and I am proud of you too :-) You kept going and never gave up and look at you now 1.4 lbs lighter yeah ya :-) BIG WELL DONE from me hun.

    sueper santa challenge is getter ever closer to the finish line and I hope to lose consistently up until the big day so let's stay focused keep on planning and doing what we do best, lose some more lbs :-)

    Have a great weekend and hope the Christmas shopping goes well.

  • Thanks Trafford1๐Ÿ’,

    You did good girl and got me over the hump xx

    Really focused for Suepers Santa challange and will be happy just to lose each week, we will do it !!

    Shopping went well a few more bits of my list and a healthy lunch !!! it's all good in Flossieland lol


  • Hello over there in flossieland and what a beautiful place flossieland must be :-) the grass is greener on the other side when you don't give up on your dreams and you went for it girl and you've shown us all this week that it's never to late to get back into gear and just go for it!! I'm glad I helped you over the hump honey we all need support along the way sometimes :-)

    Glad you enjoyed the shopping trip as well as banking a few more calories along the way.

    After reading your post it really gave me an energy boost as it is so positive and this in turn made me work out even harder tonight so thank you for the motivation today :-)

    Trafford1 x

  • Well done Flossie - so pleased you've had a good result despite your blip early in the week.

    You did the right thing and got back to it and you have been justly rewarded :)

  • Thanks Sueper,

    We all did d good eh !! Hope Santa is not watching lol


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