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End of week 1

So I haven't been as good as I had planned this week, but I need to hold myself accountable. I'm a little bit concerned because I see myself falling into old habits. Eating for the sake of eating without really being hungry, eating waaaaay more than I know I should, letting one little slip-up ruin the entire day. Hopefully by admitting this to myself I can make some more positive changes again.

I have managed to lose half a pound so I now weigh 11 stone 4.5 pounds. Hoping for a bigger loss next week!

I'm trying out a local zumba class tonight and I'm hoping to make that a weekly thing

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Good luck with your journey and remember any loss however small is a step in the right direction; )


The best way is to set out a diet plan, including daily menus and to stick to the plan. Huh! easier said than done.

Perhaps you need to motivate yourself a little more.

In about six weeks time, there will be loads of reduced priced clothing on sale. If you lose weight your general health will improve and you will be one of those people who CAN run for the bus or train, instead of waiting ages for the next one. When your general health improves it will show and people are generally more attracted to a healthy person than an unhealthy person. First impressions count at job interviews too.

There are many ways to motivate yourself and you are the only person who knows which ones will be the most effective.

You owe it to yourself to be healthy, you deserve it :)

Good luck :)


Thanks Tewson! I think a lack of motivation is definitely the problem.

I've already lost 2 stone this year and I feel reasonably happy with the way I look and my fitness levels as I am, but I know I can do better. I think the problem is that I now feel kind of ok (better than I did a year ago anyway) but I want to feel fantastic!!

My zumba class was absolutely fab last night and made a nice change from my usual 5k jog :)


Half a pound down is still the right direction. It is your first step in the right direction. You can work on eliminating your mistakes as you get into your new healthy lifestyle.


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