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Counting Calories


Hi, everyone, just joined today to get some sound advice on how to monitor my calorie intake? especially at times when hunger pangs strike and you must eat something to stop yourself fainting

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Two questions there, the first one about calorie counting. Calorie counting can be tedious and involves checking the calorie content of everything you eat. Weighing, checking the NHS calorie counter and reading the labels. After a while the numbers begin to stick and it becomes easier to assess the calorie content of food you cook at home. Ready prepared stuff is easy too. Restaurants are basically a nightmare and you just have to use your own judgement :)

You may have set yourself a daily calorie target of say 1400 Kcal. It would be impossible to hit this target on a daily basis. Some days you will be over and others under.

Like you, I was looking for something that would help with hunger pangs occasionally. It makes sense to carry some emergency supplies with you at all times. I've chosen to carry a portion or two of mixed nuts around with me. They are small convenient and don't melt or readily go out of date. I was concerned about the calorie content and sent in a post. Fruit is also a good thing to carry around, although a little too bulky for me and prone to go past its best if left too long,

There are a number of contributions to the thread which you may find interesting :)

Whatever you do, don't push yourself so hard that you feel faint. If this continues, you must revisit your calorie target and the times of day you are eating. Personally I don't like to go more than 4 hours without a little something.

I hope this helps.

PS Make sure you start the day right and have an adequate breakfast.


Well first and foremost, welcome.

You really shouldn't let yourself get so hungry that you feel like you're going to faint. May I suggest you check how many calories you need to consume for your height, weight etc, then pre-plan your daily meals and snacks so you keep on target. You can easily check calorific value of the different food on line, I know a number of people who use this site have an app on their phones called my fitness pal. Whatever way you decide upon please don't get to the point where you feel faint. Take care.


Sensible suggestions above. In short, plan for, shop for and expect snack attacks - in addition to meals! Then you are not "failing" when you eat them, and you already know what calories you are uploading so you can enjoy your snack still bring your day in on target.

You really shouldn't need to get even close to fainting through hunger - you just need to switch around what you are eating so that you have plenty of filling but lower calorie options lined up for your meals.

Tewson is right about the difficulties of fruit transportation - although it's still my favourite "go prepared" snack. A forgotten banana does not do a handbag any good at all it transpires...!

Good luck with your planning and in your first week with the gang here!

Thank you to three new friends who have given me some sound really does help to have lots of thank you again...I must learn to count calories more - easier said than done - and maybe give in to temptation once in a blue moon :)

have you downloaded my fitness pal app? I find that makes it much easier to count calories and the total should be taken from the nhs website

there are days when I don't go over 1000 calories and I don't starve myself and im not hungry - just made good choices that day, and there are days when I go over 1500 but its more a lifestyle change and getting your head around portion control, when to say no and when to say no-more

if you feel faint eat! even if its a banana or rice cake - low cal but fills you up!

missussim in reply to hydrogirl

Hi hydrogirl yes, I have, but now could you please actually tell me what you eat for breakfast , lunch, dinner and in betweens if any? that would really help

hydrogirl in reply to missussim

I have a smoothie (99cal) or breakfast bar (70cal) for breakfast as im not really a big breakfast person but I need it to start my metabolism

if im hungry at 10:30ish I will have an apple for a snack (60cal)

lunch I have a cheese sandwich (180cal), a packet of crisps (under 100cal) and some fruit

for dinner I have something different everyday but I love Tesco lightly dusted breadcrumb haddock or cod fillets (200cal) and chips in the health fryer with 1cal spray (230 cals), greenbeans (50-75cals)

and 5 caramac buttons to last me the rest of the night (55 cals)

which equals 989 calories, this is often my lowest days,

my lunch and breakfast stay the same but dinner is different everyday, from steakpie, steak, fajitas, stirfry, Cajun chicken, homemade burgers etc

I sometimes have a corneto (140cals) or something healthier later for a dessert but never straight after dinner - always wait an hour

I like all of these replies, i get something from each one of you...i actually had a massive migraine yesterday with biliousness, i suffer infrequently from those thank heavens, but when i weighed myself today, i had lost some weight, thats because I didnt keep anything down...i think we overeat a lot of the time, when we dont need to...still I'm partial to chocolate but I wont go mad...i think i need to exercise more than Im doing at present....

I had a chickpeas with tomatoes and red peppers and also found nutrition facts for a cup of chopped red peppers..46 to check what the other ingredients calories are...and have something of similar calorific content each day...should start to lose some pounds huh?

Hi all,been browsing through NHS Weight loss programme...for 12 weeks, somehow that seems like a long shot for me to get like to just start on watching the calories...1400 cal for women per day. how many calories would my first bowl of porridge (which I relish), topped with honey and three tablespoons of yoghurt give me? I used to eat two slices of wholemeal bread toast with a cup of tea every morning, until a dietician asked me to change my morning habit...i think over time, iv got to like porridge more, but the weight has now stagnated at 11 stone. A friend suggested I try the cross trainer instead of the treadmill...that will hurt, but i must try!

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