My clothes are getting looser

Finally my skirts are getting looser and my top is get smaller. I can't believe this as I was just away. Now I can say I had a great time in the States if it takes so quick for me to shift off those pounds than it is not so bad. I was just very scared that it will take me months to loose but this time time straight away. Now I am getting excited for parting in 2 weeks time. Got family wedding tonight. It is worth while being jealous of all you going away and still being able to loose weight! I am now in cloud nine! I am so proud of myself!


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13 Replies

  • Well done! It's a great feeling when your old clothes start to fit. Such a confidence boost - I bet you look great!

  • Thanks for replying! Yes I do feel great! The problem with me is that I hide my weight very well. I just get a bit of a tummy and I make sure to hide it very well so when I tell people I have put on eight no-one believes me which is so frustrating as when I tell them I am walking loads they tell me what for you are anyway so skinny and if they would only know... The main thing is that I feel good.

  • Very well done hip hip hooray :-)

  • Well done you! It's such a wonderful feeling when your clothes are noticeably bigger. Try to hold onto that feeling so you can bring it to mind if you ever feel like eating too much or the wrong thing. Keep up the good work.

  • Thursday I went to a wedding and finally I can say that I did not over eat as I am now getting slimmer.

  • Well done. I am looking forward to the day when something old comes our of the wardrobe. I want to say " this old thing! Had it years" 😄😄😄😄

  • Brilliant :) Well done and right to be proud of yourself!

  • Well done

  • My second phase of dropping sizes, new ones bought today, feels good

  • Fantastic!

  • I would just love to get into clothes I bought thinking I would lose weight and never did. They are years old now but cant bring myself to ditch them so hoping some will fit soon especially my lovely sparkly Gerry Webber black jeans, still with labels on bought in the sale of course!

  • You definitely will get into it . You never know. I l bought myself a beautiful dress for a wedding 3 years ago and trying to get into it. So lets try to motivate each other.

  • yes, been playing in a concert tonight my uniform black trousers were really tight when I played in them at concert in summer now they are getting more comfortable only trouble was I had been trying so hard to save calories for concert party that I couldn't play last three numbers because I had absolutely no energy so need to plan better next time. we will get there if we just keep on trying

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