6 stone to loose

Hello l'm new here and would like to give and receive help to tackle my weight.l have tried every diet and am a couch potato.l find it hard to believe l use to be very slim lady many years ago[though l was in love and wanted to impress the man l was with which didn't work in the end!!].

l am generally a happy person and try and see the funny side to everything.however l have had to face lives traumas which a lot of us have to do.But l think l turned to food to cope with my feelings and l believe lm use to coping with all thoughts happy,sad,depressed all emotions really with food which is now having an impact on my life.l can still work rest and play but l don't want to be doing this anymore but l have no idea what to do as l find l always sabotage my good work even after a good weight loss and mood improvement. All replies and advice welcome thanks for listening smudgersmith xx


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11 Replies

  • Welcome. There are lots of us on here that have a bit to go. Everyone is friendly and supportive. It helps with your focus.

  • hello x

    l feel welcome already and l can sense that l am not alone anymore!!! l think that is one of my problems that l just don't have any people who are finding losing weight a problem.l just would like some support and l want to support others too.

  • Hi and welcome yr in the right place 2 get sorted i have about 12 stone 2 go

  • lm feeling very overwhelmed by my weight loss and it makes me eat more!!! l can't even say that l'm enjoying the food l eat.The thing that worries me is that l no longer worry when l have a binge and/or overeat.

    l'm a very happy go lucky person and love a good joke and fun but l believe this mask's a deep sense of anxiety and self hatred.

    l would very much like to buddy up with others whom l feel understand what it means to be very overweight and the way it can affect mine and others life.l do believe very deep down l can do this but l need support!! But l also want to help others to combat this 'eating monster!!!'.

  • I am guilty of comfort-eating too and I also enjoy food!

    My current strategy is to eat as many calories a day as I can get away with and still lose weight - I don't care how long it takes, so long as I don't feel deprived, because that is when I fail.

    You just need to figure out what your strategy is!

  • hello x

    l have tried every diet and will try every diet that l can to help me stop overeating.l do believe though l eat because of bad habits and to cope with my feelings and that includes good feelings.l don't ever want to give up hope that l can conquer this!!!

    How many calories do you have a day??

  • I am female and although the recommendation is for 1400, I have 1600 calories as I work out regularly, plus I am carrying a lot of extra weight and you can eat more at higher weights. Obviously, I will have to dial that down as my weight decreases.

  • To calculate the number of calories you should be eating daily, enter your details into the NHS BMI calculator. It will tell you your healthy weight range and the range of calories you should be consuming.

    With 6 stones to lose, I'm guessing around 1700 cals Smudgersmith. I can't guess for you LotToLose, as I don't know your weight.

    I still have 7st to lose and my allowance is 1722 - 2215

  • Yes, that is the range it gives me too. I am guessing that one has to eat less than the suggested calorie intake in order to lose weight?

    Also, it is a wide range, so I just went for the highest and subtracted 600 calories a day. It has been a case of trial and error.

    Too low and I was hungry and tired, too high and I don't lose weight. Like Goldilocks somewhere in the middle is Just Right!

  • It's always a case of trial and error, but like you I think it's more sensible to eat as much as you can whilst still losing weight.

    At least there's some leeway, if you have a hungry day, there's always some extra calories to be used and vice versa.

  • Keep reading the forum it works good luck

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