Christmas is Coming – Challenge Update Only 1 month to go!

Hi everyone,

So it is only 1 month to the big day so I thought I’d take this opportunity to remind all you lovely people of the goals you set yourselves! Please see the link below. I think about 31 people have now shared their targets! :)

If you haven’t yet joined but want to then feel free to join our party – it is calorie free 

I had challenged myself to his 5 stone by xmas and had 17 lbs to go when I first posted. Although my thinking was more to the end of the year than xmas. At the time I thought I was being a bit easy on myself but I’ve had some not such great weeks lately and still have 8 lbs to go. Not impossible but harder than I expected.

I am sticking with my target and will work hard between now and the 23rd December which is when I will do my xmas weigh-in (that is the day of my work’s xmas party). I shall open that as the day for people to post their results with a view to ending it on the 3rd January 2016 for those who fancy a bit of extra time to hit their new year target. Obviously if you are starting your celebrations a little earlier than me you can still add your results.

Hopefully someone (Lowcal & her posse) with a big calculator will be collecting up our total losses this year – I think it will make for some interesting reading. I bet the first Monday weigh in of the new year will be very busy :)

Good luck everyone :)

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  • Oh Sueper,

    I really, really hope you make the 5 stone by Christmas - Santa wouldn't be able to top that! :)

    I've got 2.25lbs left to reach my target, but I'd really like to hit that by next Monday :)

    Fingers (and everything else that can be crossed) crossed for all of us :)

  • Well if you hit it by Monday you'll have to set a new one!!

    So is that nearly 2 stone off then?

  • I've already set 2! :)

    That would be the 2st off and I'd really like to reach it for my week 12 weigh in next Monday :)

  • I wish you all the best in reaching your goal by next weigh in on Monday moreless, oh I can't wait to be cheering you on in all your successes hun :-) a big day awaits you, give it your all and all your dreams will come true because of you. Can't wait to support and celebrate your success with you :-) I'm excited for you!!

  • Oh Trafford, thank you so much, it means so much to me coming from a demigod of this forum :)

    Whatever happens on Monday, I'll know that I've done the very best I can and that therefore I can only be a winner :)

  • I am overwhelmed right now moreless to be described in such a way :-) thank you so very much. YOU are so precious and a god send to this community with all your support, input, kindness and knowledge and wonderful words which inspire. You motivate me and so many others and I thank you for all that hun :-) I know when Monday comes you will have done your best, there's no doubting that hun :-) and that will make you a winner. Don't doubt, anything is possible and it's only Wednesday chicken

    You deserve this moreless go for it xxxxx

  • Oh my gosh, you've reduced me to tears. I'm completely speechless. Thank you so much xxx

  • If someone deserves praise your definitely one of them people moreless!!!! Most def x

  • I'm still speechless, I can't see what I've possibly done to deserve such kind words, but I do thank you from the bottom of my heart, they do mean the world to me. xx

  • I don't just look at the support you give me I read all the kind words, advice and support you give to everyone else on here and whilst you are on your own journey you are sill giving so much in return as one of the fab 5 vers. That's special in it's self and you have given me something to work toward just from posting on my post which has inspired me to work even harder this week to achieve my goal and that's the difference you make:-) I have your words of encouragement in the back of my mind when I'm running this week LOL and it's working, thank you :-)

  • How fantastic! I didn't realise my words had any lasting effect at all. To think I could encourage you is absolutely amazing and I feel so proud.

    Thank you so much :)

  • so you should be!!!!! moreless :-)

  • Love this post sueper :-) just love it hun!!! Great incentive for all those who joined in originally and a cool reminder for those of us who did with the link :-)

    I am still on target right up there with you hun with only 5 lbs to go and my weigh in day is 5 weeks but as Xmas day falls on FRIDAY!!! I think I will have to weigh in Friday morning or even Thursday because of Xmas eve. So let's keep going on this weight loss train which is heading down south till we reach London, south end or even Penzance which ever it is I wanna be there right with you :-)

    Good luck everyone on the journey and I hope we all reach our goals we set earlier this yr :-)

  • Thanks Trafford. It has been an amazing year for us both - you are a fair bit ahead of me but I'm still chuffed with how far I have got. I only originally hoped to lose 3 stone this year!

    I bet between all the people on this forum we have lost a ton of weight this year!


  • AMAZING ! So we all are....we are amazing people aren't we :-) we celebrate together we 'like' together we support one another, we're on a journey together and together this journey here on the forum makes us stronger people. Between us, because of this forum we have lost a ton of weight and it's been a big success story. A successful year in 2015 with no regrets and no looking back.

    :-) :-) :-) good luck to everyone and go for it!!! it's not over yet

  • I'm in awe and as excited about your weigh-ins as I am about mine.

    I feel so lucky to have people such as yourselves to follow along this weight loss path :)

  • Knowing others can do it makes it so much easier to realise it can be done! One of my work colleagues lost 5 stone in 2 years and she was the first person to inspire me. Then joining this site with amazing people like Trafford & Ros1 - how can we fail? Ok, we know we could but you know what I'm saying :)

  • To fail would be letting others down and I couldn't do that in all good conscience. Everybody puts so much effort into our journeys, it would be ungrateful not to return the favour by expending as much effort ourselves :)

    I'm constantly buoyed up by others' achievements :)

  • I totally agree that is why I keep coming here even on my less successful weeks - that way I don't give up.

    Even when I'm not doing so well myself I like to be able to offer support and maybe the odd word of wisdom. I think that helps me keep on track so is mutually beneficial.


  • It's funny isn't it, I know people are directed to the 12 week plan by their GP's, but I personally think it's this forum that inspires people to success and the food plan is almost a by the by.

  • I love it here and know I wouldn't have got this far without it.

    I remember how I was bursting to tell everyone here when I'd lost my first stone!

  • I remember past "diets" and not really celebrating the losses, because they never seemed enough. Now I know that every loss is to be celebrated, because it's a huge thing and group excitement for big losses is sooooooo motivating :)

  • Hi Sueper,

    Just checked my goal, and in all honesty I dont think I will reach it,but that's ok as I said earlier in the week there's always next year !!

    Love love reading how well you have all done it really is inspiring and amazing how determined you wonderful people are in turning your lives around🙌💋🎉🎊

    I'm over my blip and still working towards my goal and a loss of anything by 18/12/15 is a win for me😃

    I went looking for my dress today and the one in M&S I had been converting was in the sale and looked truly awful on ......!! So I am rethinking maybe a sparkly top ??

    It's all good


  • Hi Flossie,

    Have you made some progress towards your goal? There is still time to make a good dent in it :)

    Sorry your dress looked awful - hate it when that happens. I bought a sparkly top which is massive - part weight loss and part dodgy sizing. Hopefully one of the smaller sizes I've ordered will look ok.

    I was worried I'd not hit my target as been failing a bit since the beginning of October but I seem to be making progress again.

    I think you can comfortably include yourself in the inspiring and amazing category!


  • Since my holiday in October I have struggled, I did lose what I had gained but then I had gained when weighed in last Friday.

    You are so right I do still have time to turn things things around, think I'm thinking like the old me ie Xmas eating begins early Dec. !! Well no it's not !!!!!!

    Good for you needing a much smaller top, enjoy all the shopping.

    I've no Xmas do's as do not work now it was something I loved and was the chief organiser and do miss it.

    You will hit your target I'm sure😃

    Enjoy the rest of your week


  • Hi Flossie,

    I had my hols in October and have been struggling too. But I'm finally making progress again.

    I ended up with a size 18 top! I'm about 22 - 24 so the sizing is well out but to have an item of clothing starting with a 1 at the beginning is amazing :) Let's hope next year will see a few more size 18s in my wardrobe - it is my first major size target.

    It's a shame you have no xmas do's but at least you don't have to worry about the extra cals. I only have one do but having an xmas meal out with a fried too. Perhaps you should organise a little do with some friends?

  • I don't really have a goal for Christmas. I sort of want to under the next 0. I do want to be still on my diet, still losing weight and going to the gym 3 times a week.

  • Hi Aqua,

    Staying on track is a goal itself - a number isn't always necessary :)

  • My goal is easy to remember - stay at goal weight - not claiming it's easy to do though - but so far still there 2 months in. By Xmas that'll be 3 months, and will truly feel I've achieved my goal. Thanks for setting this long term challenge sueper. You've achieved so so much this year, really hope you lose a good chunk of what you aimed to lose still, if not all of it.

    Re losses for the year, I'm happy to add up anything that needs adding up. I think Prin suggested something at some point about an alternative Xmas weigh in too... You around Prin?

  • Hi Ruth,

    Hopefully now you are used to it maintaining til xmas should be ok. I suspect many here will be hoping to be joining you on maintenance this time next year :)

    It would be amazing to know how much we have all lost as a group this year. There are a few 4 - 5 stoners and a lot of 2 stoners. I had a quick look at the Monday weigh in and forgetting the little gains we could be looking at over 3000lbs lost this year - that's a hippo!

  • Thank you for the reminder Sueper, and this is a lovely idea and the support is incredible , its the most comfortable I have felt for years in talking and tackling my weight issue, I am so impressed by all the wonderful people here ! :-)

    I wanted to lose 12 pounds by Xmas and so far have managed 9 pounds ,so ona slow but manageable target!

    I can`t wait to put up the Christmas tree! I love Christmas and will feel so much nicer this year as won`t have that stuffed feeling, I plan to have a few treats and then refocus on quiet days!! I am so excited for everyone as there have been some amazing results , wow think of the nice sparkly clothes everyone! :-)

  • Hi M-M,

    Only 3 lb to go for you :)

    I can't weight for xmas too and just bought my xmas top :)

    I'm gonna have about 3 days off and then walk as much as I can on the days between xmas and new year. I hope to remain mindful on those 3 days but we'll see!

    Last xmas I hated my work's do as I felt so uncomfortable being so large. I wore size 32 jeans to the do. Currently I'm in size 24 and heading towards a size 22. Still carrying a lot of weight but feel so much better :)

  • Hey Sueper , that is so fantastic , you have done so well and will look gorgeous in your new top and jeans , all the hard work pays off when you wear new lovely clothes and can buy smaller sizes. :-) I think being more healthy and being kind to ourselves gives us a happy glow so we automatically look more relaxed and confident too. You have done sooo well with your jeans Sueper :-) I hope this year you can really enjoy your work`s do.

    The walking after christmas is a really good idea ,i mite follow in your footsteps with that and walk off my choci yule log!

    I should be able to get my 3 pounds off , ideally I would love it to be 5 to make it a stone loss but I am not going to make myself feel desperate as I feel happy chipping away the pounds even if its slow!


  • Oops, I posted in the older thread - I aim to lose 7lbs by Christmas, which will make my total since 1st Sept two and a half stone.

    The biggest challenge is going to be keeping it off while staying with family, although I am planning my coping strategies already.

  • Posting in either is fine :)

    2 stone since 1/9 is excellent - well done and now you are a LittleLessToLose!

    It's all in the planning and getting out and walking if you can.

    Try not to stress too much if you have a bit of a gain, don't let it upset you and cause you to lose focus as the weight will drop off provided you get back on track as soon as you can. I gained 9lb on holiday in October and lost it all in 9 days - so just a small set back.

  • Thank you, I like my new name!

  • I'd like to lose a stone from when I started on 1st October. Just 3.5 lbs to go! But more importantly I wanted to be fitter (gym membership is seeing to that) and I wanted to fit into all my old clothes - and I'm fitting into something new on a weekly basis. :-) Good luck to everyone in achieving their goals.

  • Hi Jane,

    Sounds like you are on track to hit that target and well done on your loss so far :)

  • Thank you folks for reminding us about the Christmas goals we had set. It's interesting to look back to early September and read what we hoped to achieve by Christmas. On that thread I had hoped for 15lb by Christmas, but am at 19lb since the 7th Sept, so it's a good feeling to know that I'm keeping on the right track, slow but sure. Yep, it's a really great idea, I wonder if we could do quarterly goal setting throughout the year, if it doesn't exist already (only been here since September so apologies if someone already does that and I just haven't come across it!).

  • Hi WW,

    Does this mean you've smashed your target already?

    There has been talk of an Easter target - before we are all let loose on the eggs!


  • Lol, rather to my surprise, yes! That does sound like a great idea, an Easter target, and yes, defo a weigh in before the eggs - lol! I think these posts are a fab idea, they give you a bit of an incentive if you share it and we can all "egg" each other on after Christmas eh? :-D

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