So about 5 weeks ago I went with my bridesmaids to look at dresses for them- I somehow ended up trying one on and anyhow I fitted snugly in a 16

The dresses have been delivered to my house today and pre distributing them to my bridesmaid I thought I'd try a 14 on (in the same dress) to see how it fitted

To my surprise it zipped up nicely!!!

Starting to finally see those kgs in real life! Woo

Maybe a bit more to go before my bridal fitting tho! :D


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17 Replies

  • Fantastic! :)

    What size are you aiming to be?

    I hope your bridesmaids don't decide to gain or lose weight! :)

  • They're lot allowed!!! Haha :)

    Well I originally wanted to be a firm 14 but with 2 stone left to lose I might aim for a 12! Hoping my dress can be taken in!

    Definitely given me motivation tho :)

    Just hope they don't mind me trying their dresses on ;)

  • You've got til March haven't you? I'd say a size 12 is easily doable as long as you don't blow it all over the festive season ;)

    "What the eye don't see, the heart don't grieve for" :)

  • Yh so I get married in June but start fittings in March time :)

    I'm hoping 2 stone in that time is achievable?!

    I find if I plan what I'm going to have pre party- so I know what food they'll be if the menu has been pre agreed then I figure out how many glasses of wine or treats I can have to stay in my calories

    Rather than doing it the next morning and regretting a drink or chocolate that you can't take back! :)

  • You are so lucky that you have gone down 2 sizes. You must be over the moon. How long did it take you to loose weight? I need a bit of encouragement as I am desperate to loose 2 stones.

  • Well so far I've only gone from a 16 to a 14

    And lost a stone in roughly 4-5 weeks

    I aim to lose another 2 ish

    1 1/2 more and I'll be in my normal bmi weight- so I want to be on the lower side of that

    It's been a lot of hard work- but I'm very much at the point now where I'm not undoing it all because of how much work it's been

  • I think you can definitely get to a 12 by March and with a wedding to motivate you, it's all the more likely I reckon! I went from a 16 to a 12 in about 15 weeks altogether. But I really focused, exercised, tried hard to stay within my calories most of the time (I never claim to be perfect!), and also I took up strength exercises big time in the final month. Just to give you an idea of what it took for me! But if you're fitting into a 14 already I think you're definitely in with a chance. Just don't get complacent. Keep your focus strong and you'll get there :) So exciting!

  • thank you for your reply :) I feel like I've plateaued a bit but after doing a bit of reading and looking at my food I think it eat too many carbs- so i plan on cutting those down next :)

    Did you do a lot a lot of exercise or just like 120 mins a week?

    Congratulations on your lose btw :)

    If i ever think I can't do it I look at a picture of myself 4 years a go and a picture of myself at my sisters wedding earlier this year (I was my heaviest) and it defo motivates me :)

  • I kept trying to keep up my running 3x per week, as I did couch to 5k before starting the weight loss. But mile for mile/km for km walking burns the same calories as running, so walking is just as good, just keep doing it, little and often, as with anything really! I struggled to do the 2 sessions of strength exercises each week that the 12 week plan recommends, but when I finally started doing it I definitely noticed the difference, so I def recommend it. I just followed exercises on the NHS website. Re carbs, I don't recommend cutting down too much, but I did cut down a bit, e.g. to 50g rice with a meal instead of 75/100g. Hope that gives you some ideas :)

  • I was thinking I would have have 50-100g of carbs a day- I managed to cut my rice from like 120g (i dont know how I ever ate it the thought makes me feel ill!!) to 75g so maybe that would be my next step thank you :)

    I do 20 mins of cycling 6 times a week (roughly 60km a week) I'm stuck for what I can do as I'm currently recovering from an injury (I dislocated and fractured my kneecap :( ) re strength training what kind of things do you mean?

    Thanks for all the advice :D

  • Look up the 'abs' exercises on the NHS site. I found them really hardcore, although they look pretty harmless, be warned! If you're managing to cycle with your injury then those should be manageable. Although I decided the 'plank' was not my cup of tea and dropped that one after a while. I did a load of posts in September about strength exercises and included links there so maybe have a look through those. Re rice - I can't believe I used to have 100g as standard, that's before cooking weight not after cooking - a whole plate covered with rice then veg stir fry or whatever on top. Now the rice is often dwarfed by the veg part! Hope your knee recovers soon. Good luck, and take that motivation from today's dress-trying-on and run with it :)

  • Thank you :D last question I promise- haha

    The carb count- what do you do about veg carbs?! I've just looked through things and was mortified how many carbs are in a carrot peas etc :/

  • I just had all those veggies, but I realised that I need to watch my portions of veg too. E.g. if I was having a stir fry I realised you only need a tiny bit of each veg. I didn't count them as carb just as calories. I think you can drive yourself mad overanalysing everything!

  • Yeah! Well done you xx

  • well done! im sure you will get into a size 12 by march!

    just make sure that you have something planned to keep you calm and not stress eat when it gets closer to the wedding (I put on 1st for mine due to stress eating!)

  • Brilliant news - I bet you looked great (but not as gorgeous as you're going to look on your wedding day!)

  • Thank you :D I hope so

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