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Feel doomed

I have just gotten back from the hospital where the Dr told me after an ultrasound and scan that she she can't see my ovaries because of my weight and that I shouldn't worry about no periods until I've sorted my weight and considered a gastric band as its very dangerous.

Now, I have no problem with her honesty. I have been in denial. Maybe this will be the push I need to tackle it.

What's really upset me is for the past two years i have suffered with anxiety and panic attacks - mainly health anxiety thinking I'm going to have a heart attack every day or stroke or something. When those worries start the panic attack starts.

I had just managed to get it under control without medication but I know this will be a real set back. I had 2 attacks on the way back from the hospital and I feel extremely anxious that all my fears weren't futile and I will drop dead any day. I can't stop crying. I'm meant to be going on holiday on Saturday and it took a lot of work to build up to feeling able to fly and now I don't think I can.

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im so sorry, im not sure what I can say to help you feel less anxious

I think you should get a plan together to help you loose the weight and hopefully that will help you feel a little bit more in control and help? i.e. a walking/exercise/diet/control plan?

I use a diary and write in pencil my predicted weight loss for each week i.e. if I was to loose 1lb every week I would weight xx on this date, or 2lb per week etc

as for flying on Saturday im sure people tell you often how unlikely it is to crash etc but obviously the recent news will not help

what I will say/ask is there thing you can do to keep your mind at ease/calm you down etc? for stress and anxiety I often use my colouring in book whereas before I used to just eat, my SIL takes pills from the doctor for her anxiety and also has a adult colouring in book

I sometimes use aromatherapy oils too??


Thanks for taking the time to reply. I do have a routine and things to distract me but

I'm worried they wont work now as the panic attack I had today at the hospital was awful! But I will make a plan and I think you are right, feeling more in control will hopefully help. Thanks again x

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Hi wannabe,

I hope you meant it when you said you have no problem with honesty, because the last thing I want to do is upset you further.

The truth is, we're all going to shuffle off this mortal coil at some time or another, fortunately, we don't know where, when, how, or why. Your doctor has told you, in no uncertain terms, that you're pushing the limits of your body, the same way he/she would tell a smoker, a drug user, or an alcoholic. The great news is, you're in a position to do something about it and improve your odds, unlike someone who's just been delivered the devastating news that they have terminal cancer, or similar. You're one of the lucky ones, as are all of us. Together we can form a united front against obesity as a potential killer and get rid of all our unwanted pounds :)

I cannot help you with your panic attacks, other than suggest that once you get a handle on your healthy eating and are able to put your fears into perspective, things will probably be a lot easier. If we spend all our time and energy into worrying about dying, we forget to actually live! This goes for the holiday you've booked too, if you were indeed about to kick the bucket, wouldn't you rather have had your holiday first?

I'm not trying to be cruel or flippant, I'm desperately trying to introduce some balance for you, so that you can regain your equilibrium.

There was a programme on TV last night about people like yourself who are obsessed by their own mortality, but I can't remember what channel it was on. I'm sure someone else will come along with a better memory than me, then maybe you could watch it on catch up and it would help you a little.

For now, it's baby steps. I'll give you the links to the NHS 12 week plan and our Monday group weigh-in, in the hope that they will start you on your road to health and happiness.

Should you continue to have problems with panic attacks, then you must make an appointment with your GP and get some professional help. You may also like to try relaxation/meditation tapes and/or yoga.

I wish you all good luck and hope that you'll keep us posted with your progress :)




Thanks for your help. I know - I'm lucky I have a choice in changing my health unlike some poor people. I have seen a gp several times regarding my anxiety. I had come quite far with it but today has set me back is all. Thanks for your advice :-)

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I hope you don't think I was dismissing the severity of what you were feeling, I was just really worried about you and was, in my inept way, trying to calm you down.

I'm so glad that you're receiving help with your anxiety and really hope that things continue to improve for you.

Please stick around, as this forum is absolutely fantastic for helping keep us focussed and on track.

All the best :)

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Big hugs hun! Anxiety is an awful thing to have, can he so difficult to overcome i used to suffer with it horribly, last year i did cbt and it really helped me changed the way i think. Still have bad days i think we all do. You can do this hunni you are stronger than you think! Take it one day at a time and try to focus on getting yourself healthy by making small healthy changes to your lifestyle and eating habits. Can be really hard but we are here to support you if you need us. All the best hun x

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Thanks so much that is really kind. Yes it's definitely not something I would wish on my worst enemy. CBT has helped me a lot too. I just feel like today was a lot and I struggled to shut down the panic attack I was having in the hospital after the appointment and I'm worried that's going to happen on the plane now :-( as for the weight loss - I feel so embarrassed and worried. Thanks for the support everyone x


Hi Wannabe

Try not to feel so low.

I don't know what to say to raise your mood except to remember this: every journey begins with just one little step and, even though there are sometimes big hurdles to stride over along the way, each step does become easier than the previous one so, good luck and take each meal and each day as one step at a time.

Good luck

Primrose 💐


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