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I'm back on track thanks to all the lovely supportive people on here. I'm aware I've been posting when the negative stuff happens (the Halloween treats! The cupcakes! The cheese slice binge!) so I thought I'd post a positive for a change:

Weight heading downwards. I'm exercising - on the bike as walking still not back to normal. And, the physio program really seems to be helping my knee. I'm off to buy kettle bell weights for the slow lunges!!

Sailing holiday next week. Note to self - eat fish and salad :-)

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Great news Ceriandblue, you've survived the rollercoaster ride! :)

It's all downhill from here on in (and I mean that in the nicest possible way) :)

Great that the bike's working for your knee and good luck with the kettle bell, I'm still trying to get to grips with mine, literally! :)

How lovely to have a sailing holiday coming up, I'm very envious, I think it's about 40 odd years since I last went sailing! :)

Enjoy your fish and salad ;)


Thanks. You and all the others who take time to be supportive are lovely, lovely people.


We're all in this together Ceriandblue and the beauty of this site is that we can share our ups and downs and know that someone's been there before us and come through the other side :)

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Great news.


That is excellent that you are now going up the hill and so am Iall due to this amazing forum. I can't remember the last time I went away and gained weight and started to loose straight away it is only due to all of you here on this site. Keep up your good work!

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