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Eating out

The last three times eating out I had gone to a Wetherspoon's where calories are counted on menu and each time I had chosen the skinny steak (steak and salad) but last Sunday after touring a football stadium we ate in one of my favourite bars and I was going to forget the diet. There are many lovely calorie laden meals on the menu which I've had many times before so what did I chose ? Gammon and Egg Chips &Peas I wasn't good enough to ask for salad instead of chips but I didn't eat them all. This meal didn't spoil my weigh-in at all.

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Well done. :) BTW ounce for ounce, gammon has fewer calories than something like cod in breadcrumbs :) I have it once a fortnight with grilled pineapple, grilled tomatoes and mash and peas.


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