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tubbycat broke her ankle

I was over weight before I broke my ankle in August and now an half a stone heavier having done no exercise for weeks. In the swimming pool I looked at others who were very overweight and flipped into determination mode- I want to look OK in a swimsuit (no rolls of fat!) and be fit. I have dieted for two weeks now and then found this site- I hope it will keep that DECISION to lose weight firm and clear! I have given up drinking in the week (and calorie count it otherwise!) so that saves me the equivalent of a large pudding every night. I hope something good will have come from all my ankle pain!

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Well done - welcome to the gang!

You'll find there's lots of encouragement and expertise lurking in these pages - I've found it really useful and motivating. And perhaps most importantly for me, I've found that if a "raid the fridge" moment is descending I can pop on here and read other people's posts, sometimes chat a bit to others, and remind myself what I'm trying to do and why. Usually a cup of tea is enough then!

Do join in the Monday weigh in thread posted by Prin for the next few weeks at 7am ish on a Monday if it appeals. You "weigh in" by responding to Prin's post - just say what this week's good (or bad!) news is and then some people will chip in with congrats and/or other motivating comments for you to think about. Sets me up for the week and keeps my head straight over the weekend (when social stuff can derail me otherwise).

Everyone is very sensible and positive. You won't find any encouragement to either starve yourself or kill yourself with over-ambitious exercise regimes! But there are people who have tried (or are doing) a range of tactics to see off their excess pounds so no matter what approach appeals to you I think you'll find someone who knows about that and can offer advice.

Good luck!


That's great thank you so much for replying. I will join the weigh in for sure as I was disappointed yesterday when I jumped (er- not quite!) eagerly on the scales and appeared to have put on a pound!! It didn't make me give up though Imagine what it would be if I had been eating and drinking as per usual?!) as it must have been a blip, and now I have online support too! Thanks.

PS cheaper than Weight Watchers eh?

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You are welcome. I enjoyed the vision of you launching yourself on to your scales :-)

You sound as if you are a serial offender, like me! Yes, lots cheaper than WW and SW etc - and even better, for me, it's 100% more effective. When I've done all that "class and weigh in" thing, I've often lost weight but I'm always eating up to the calorie allowance and finding ways to keep up my food volume intake but keep the calories down. It's not a great attitude and leaves me springing back to my previous weight in fairly short order!

This time I seem to be finding it easier to just eat less, be sensible, and acknowledge that whilst my testerone fulled lads might need 5000 calories a day, I do not, and therefore should skip the starter / cake / extra roasties / whatever, whilst still providing it all for them. I'm only accountable to me, as I'm Ms Anon here, so I have to be more grown up about the whole thing. There are no "rules", and therefore I cannot break them, and there is no rebelling against them - I decide what I should do today.

There are lots of contributors on here who are maintainers. They are probably the people I need to hear most of all as I've got a dire record in the maintaining department - you'll find all them chipping in to various discussions.

Good luck - look forward to chatting to you again some time!

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YUP- serial offender. Maintenance is the worst. I got down to a size 10/12 five years ago with WW and then just got fed up of always denying myself. I think my natural size is more like 14 as I did maintain that for a long time. Been going back to WW half heartedly once or twice but could never face it again. Five years later I am over 12 stone- aaaaaargh!! You are right about just eating less and taking responsibility- but I try to concentrate on what I can eat (the good stuff!) not what I can't.

Back to work now- I can see these blogs are seriously addictive....

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I think you might actually be me????!!!!

I was an old style size 14 for my whole young adult life - and stable at 10 1/4 stone until babies. My problems really started there I think.

My first excursion to slimming clubs was to Slimming World magazine club. I got down from 11 stone 7lbs to 9st 8lbs. The last stone was really difficult - and I think I can safely say I was utterly obsessed!

After last baby I had a few goes as Slimming World and WW - but it just gets more and more difficult to motivate yourself doesn't it? You know the blurb so well that you could quite frankly deliver "the motivating talk of the week" yourself - as for yet another points system or diet - you are fed up with it before you've started working it out. (I am thinking here of the WW complicated propoints scheme - what were they thinking??!)

Anyway so there I was back in September at a record breaking 12st and 8lb. And then I was here. And now I'm down to 11st 7 - ironically a weight that has been my trigger to action previously!

I'm aiming for a comfy size 12/ 14 and about 10 1/2 stone - as I know that stone between 10 1/2 and 9 1/2 unhinged me the last time round...!

Hope work was fun!


I never tried Slimmers World (imagine that- a WORLD of slimming- 24 hours a day, for ever- help) However I totally relate to the WW experience- I tried it three times again as a Gold member and on the third attempt was presented with ProPoints and ran a mile.

BTW I shall change my online name to Fitcat when appropriate. Tubby Cat is actually our real marmalade cat who is enormous- and on a permanent diet- alas he seems to have a secret source of extra dinners (ever read Six Dinner Sid?) and never gets any thinner. I do sympathise however with his predicament.

As the vet commented sartorial elegance in appearance is unfortunately not foremost in a cat's mind....


You've definitely been living my parallel life - I do indeed know Six Dinner Sid! Looking forward to your transformation to Fitcat! Good luck.


Hi and welcome tubbycat :)

If you'd like to join the Monday group weigh-in, it's not too late. You can find it here


You will be very welcome :)


Welcome. Breaking your ankle is a miserable experience. I hope you are feeling better in yourself now. Keep going. You will get lots of support from here.


Thanks Aqua marine- It has been a miserable experience but I feel I am on the mend now- and can't wait to be fitter and slimmer!


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