Why ???

Hi all,

Has an awful day yesterday, self destruct button well and truly pushed but cannot understand why??

Yes the last few weeks have been really stressful but after posting on Friday I felt really back on track till yesterday!! Circuit class was cancelled due to rain damage so I caught up with a friend and off course it involved food, but once home felt really unsettled and whoosh the mindless eating started.

I polished off the advent calander that a friend bought for me.Then, last night demolished two packs of M&S walnut whips that I had bought for a Christmas present.!!! Will I ever learn not to but sweets/ choc early as I eat it 😈

Today feeling really sluggish and yuk but plan a long brisk walk and try to work out why !!!

Onward and downward( who am I kidding, stay the same will be a bonus lol) for the rest of the week.



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29 Replies

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  • I can't believe you polished off the Advent calendar!! You naughty, naughty girl :D

    All is forgiven though. Just put it all behind you :)

    Have a good day, and chill :)

  • I know, I feel so guilty. Had thought buy another to replace it but that's more choccy to eat😈.

    Took myself out and had a long walk and feel much better.


  • There must have been something in the air yesterday flossie, sabotage far and wide!! Chin up, the tune ' yesterdays gone.....' has been playing through my mind all morning so I am psychically sending it through to your mind, lol.

    Oh, and Marks n Sparks walnut whips, even though I don't have a sugar side usually, are scrummy. 😈

  • Its done, I think maybe the last few weeks got to me , I'm not used to having time on my hands( a sad excuse I know)

    But feeling much better.


  • I agree!! There was something in the air yesterday, and I cought it too!! So, as we all scxxxxd up yesterday, let's start again today, and extra exercise for everyone so we won't forget our lesson!! ;)

  • Hi Flossie :-) I had exactly the same problem over the weekend. It's so annoying when you fall off the wagon not even over a nice meal or something, but just over rubbish like chocolate (my downfall was some pork pie, reece's peanut butter cups, custard doughnuts etc). Sometimes there's just not an answer why - you just need to forget it and move on. I think beating yourself up and self-recrimination makes you just feel worse :-)

  • I know, I'm not even that much into walnut whips, they were just 'there'. You are right move on and forget ..... Well till the next time😈 Lol


  • Wait 'til it's Cadbury Creme Egg season ;-)

  • Ooh you 😈!

    My joint fav along side champagne truffles !!


  • I zoned in on 'pork pie' and my tummy groaned. How wonderful a succulent pork pie is..............πŸ˜‰

  • It was a proper Melton Mowbray one as well !

  • La la la la ( fingers in ears) I can't hear you, no I didn't hear it was a Melton Mowbray pork pie, la la la la....... 😊

  • Dickinson & Morris - just sayin' ;-)

  • Grrrr....... I'm closing my eyes, sticking my fingers in my ears AND taping my mouth up.......... 😟

  • You can eat my bit !!


  • I think there was definitely something in the air Flossie, because so many people seem to have been derailed at the same time!

    Put it all behind you, there are far worse things than eating a couple of walnut whips and an advent calendar ;) I'm so glad I resisted buying the Christmas choccies early, I've been in your shoes more times than I care to remember :)

    Put it all behind you and climb back on the wagon. One day in a lifetime matters not one iota :)

  • Maybe it's to do with the moon !!! I noticed last night it's nearly full lol.

    I should know better than buy the sweet stuff early, never again !

    I've had a lovely walk it's a beautiful day here and feel so much more settled and focused.


  • Just as well we're weight watchers and not vampires then, or else it could have been a blood fest ;)

    I think Christmas eve's early enough :)

    I had a lovely walk this morning too, it's amazing how it clears your head and puts thing back into perspective :)

  • I think you might be thinking of werewolves moreless, not vampires ! You've got to not get your undead mixed up...

  • As the Halloween Blood Moon reaches 99% of full, vampires around the world are experiencing the annual blood moon fever which increases their blood lust exponentially until the moon goes back below 99% of full. During these few days exercise extreme caution when going anywhere at night. The normally reserved and cautious vampires will throw caution to the wind and go after you with a passion. If you resist they will become beyond enraged and sink their teeth into you with a violent force that may possibly cause fatal damage


    You were saying? ;)

  • LOL :-) I was buying into the whole blood moon bit 'til I got to the words "normally reserved and cautious vampires"... :-D

  • Even vampires have a sensitive side :)

  • Hi flossie, reading through the posts I see you settled again so that's good to hear :-) It's okay to have a bit of a blow out now and then as it's good for confusing the body which can also help you lose weight I don't see anything wrong with it other than putting a walnut whip in your mouth yuck LOL :-) It's good you have been on a long brisk walk and I hope you discovered why this moment happened and if not then just put it down to one of those things. I still think you will have a loss this week so just have that confidently in the back of your mind. I can and I will have a loss, positive thinking goes a long way honey x

    Best wishes for Friday :-)

  • Thanks Trafford1,

    Not like walnut whips ??

    Had a lovely walk and feeling much better, I hope I do turn it around and today have made some good choices. Not sure if circuit class is on tomorrow but if not will do some kind of exercise. When I think logically about my blowout it should not make a difference as long as my intake v exercise is good. Another learning curve

    You are so right positive thinking goes a long way

    I can and I will ( well we'll see eh lol)

    πŸ˜‡ xx

  • whips not for me hun, peanut butter and battenberg yes :-) .... positive thinking does go a long way and it's only Tuesday floss it's only Tuesday :-)

  • Is that peanut butter and battenberg together ?! Not a combination I've tried, but sounds intriguing (and quite tasty if I'm honest !) :-)

  • No lucca LOL now you have just made me think of the combo and it could just work :-)

  • Hi Flossie,

    I really hope it wasn't me talking chocolate with you the other day - feel bad now :(

    I wonder if you needed the choc as a way to cope with your recent stress, often it is when things seem to be improving that we get hit like a truck and need some head and maybe chocolate space!

    You know the drill - move on an put it behind you.

    Do you allow yourself a little daily treat? I find this really helps me keep focussed and if I am tempted by more I usually check out the calories and talk myself out of it.

    Glad the walk did you good :)

  • Oh no Sueper, don't feel bad it was nothing to do with talking about it it was just me and how I was feeling xx

    I felt really restless and was in on my own ( the first time for weeks) and was prowling in the cupboards if I'm really honest !!

    Most days choccy does not really bother me, I usually have a couple of rich tea with a coffee about 3 ish and have a small dessert after tea and that is ok, but when the devil drives oh dear !!! lol

    I do think you are right re the stress stuff it does make sense as I was on auto pilot and you just go with it all and now it's all good you feel you can breathe ( Katherine being discharged tomorrow).

    So onward and downward lol


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