Xmas is coming - motivate and dig in!

Hiya all,

I have noticed over the last 2 weeks that the number of people attending the gym has declined quite considerably. In a chat with the trainer this morning I asked him where everyone was. He said this happens every year in November where everyone stops coming because Xmas is just round the corner so people give up until the New Year and then come back full of guilt, remorse and personal disappointment in January.

On reflection I remember January being really busy and then no one in February. This has made my commitment to keep going even stronger, and by posting on here now I have to!!!

Anyone else in the Xmas Commitment Club? Cheers.


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9 Replies

  • I don't do the gym, but am totally committed to Christmas and refuse to be part of the January guilt club :)

    WTG you! Not only are you committed to Christmas, but you have an empty gym to work out in :)

  • Always look on the bright side of life...da dum...da dum... da dum da dum da dum...

  • Monty Python - definitely my style :)

  • Yeah I'm with you! My workouts have dropped off recently as I really needed to focus on getting my eating on point. I'm really happy with my eating now so think I'm going to be back circuit training this week. 30 days until I go home for Christmas so that's 30days I don't want to squander. Thanks for the motivation!

  • when I used to go to the gym I would avoid it in jan as its too full!

    people give up gym time for xmas shopping (which can often feel like a workout!) and party nights

    I am committed to not flinging the diet out the door over xmas and hopefully doing more exercise since ill have free time

    good on you! it might be a good time to check out some classes etc since they wont b as full

  • Count me in! I joined a new gym in Nov and reaping the benefits it's having health-wise and being able to fit into lots of old clothes is fab. I'm not prepared to squander all that hard work away! I have an off-peak membership, so it's not usually too busy during the day. *Trotting off to get my gym bag ready for tomorrow*

  • I booked a holiday for june. ☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️

  • Definitely with you there! I have been at the gym for about a month now and loving it! It was very busy tonight but evenings and after work always are! I find the weekends are quiet! I'm committed to not overeating at xmas. We can do this!!!!

    Elsie x

  • off to the gym - X minus 30!!

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