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Hi Week 2!

Hi, I have just joined the forum to get some extra help! I am just into week 2 and so far I've lost 5 3/4lbs. I'm loving the 1400 calories and it's really working for me! I'm a die hard slimming club person and have been in weight watchers and slimming world for years and it's never worked for me. This plan, however is really helping me! I'm going to the gym at least twice a week and starting couch to 5k tomorrow.

I'm looking forward to sharing my journey and loved seeing the amazing successes some of you have had!

Elsie xxx

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Yeah :-) well done Elsie on your loss of 5 3/4 lbs, massive!!!!!

It's good you have joined this community and are already reaping the benefits of the nhs 12 week plan. It goes beyond the 12 weeks for some of us here and I am personally on week 46. It's all about making positive changes for life. Good luck with the C25K I'm sure you will love it. Keep going and I wish you many success on your journey :-)


I have just read about your amazing loss Trafford1. Truly inspirational, well done you! Fingers crossed I can make such an amazing change! You must feel wonderful. Thanks for the reply, I really appreciate it! :-)


Hi and welcome Elsie :)

Wow, you're off to a flying start! WTG you! :)

It's fantastic that you're enjoying the plan and are about to start couch 2 5K. I wish you all the very best with the rest of your journey and look forward to seeing you about the forum :)


Congratulations- almost 6lb in two weeks is fantastic you should be so proud.

I started the 12 week plan in the beginning of June and haven't look back since. It's more of a lifestyle change than a diet I think!

Keep us updated with your progress

Emma x


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