8 inches

I just checked this morning and since calorie counting I have lost somewhere over 8 inches from my waist measurements :) I'm so pleased I had elasticated belts tucked away in my wardrobe.

I'm largely out of the danger area as far as waist measurements are concerned and am no longer a high risk of many of the illnesses associated with a large belly :)

I still have a way to go; about another 4 inches would be perfect. For me, there are no foods which are off limits and today I had beans on two slices of toast for breakfast, I shall have ribeye steak for lunch accompanied by new boiled potatoes and stir fry veg, with a glass of wine (I seldom have dessert), and for teatime I shall have a couple of sandwiches.

I weigh myself twice a day, in the morning and evening and only if my weight rises over two consecutive days, do I calorie count. Today is a no calorie counting day.

Well, I'm off out for a walk through the park and on to the shops. It's a great day for it, the sun is shining and all is well in my world. :)


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29 Replies

  • What a really great achievement 8 inches WOW :-) well done.

  • Hi Tewson,

    Fantastic result and do like your thinking it's certainly working.

    Hope you enjoyed your walk, when all is well in our world it's a feeling we can't beat.

    Have a lovely week


  • Congratulation, that's great you should be very proud. I love to read success stories on the board as they are very motivating.

  • ME TOO.

  • Well done :)

  • You lucky, lucky, lucky person! I'm battling with my waist measurement which refuses to budge no matter what I do :(

    You're the most chilled "loser" I've ever encountered, WTG you! :)

    Good luck with the other 4", but I have a feeling you won't need it, as all is well in your world and getting better with every passing day :)

  • Hi Moreless, I am having the same problem as you. Lost over 10" on my hips but less than 2" on my waist. This means that my new waist to hip ratio actually put me in the amber zone whereas before I was in the green - daft really when I've lost over 4 stone.

    I guess it's all about body shape - all we can do is keep plugging away and I guess we'll get there eventually :)

  • It's really galling isn't it, especially as everyone's always going on about the health risks of belly fat. I don't think my waist will ever get down to what's deemed healthy.

    I'm the same as you, the more weight I lose, the unhealthier my body shape becomes, although you can't really get worse than high risk :)

  • I do feel for the ladies in this group, because I am of the opinion that men have it a whole lot easier. Women's bodies have so much more to contend with over a lifetime than a mans.

    You have my full respect and I hope that your journey to healthiness is a successful one. :)


  • You could be right Tewson - it seems to me that most men get large bellies but don't have fat thighs etc. And do men get bingo wings?!

    But whatever, we're all struggling to be healthier and provided we manage it more often than not we are winning :)

  • I am a natural hourglass - but more of a 24 hourglass! The bigger I got the more I became a pear so my waist stayed smaller but my hips got bigger. I think if my waist doesn't shrink soon I'm gonna be straight up and down. Humph!

  • I've always been straight up and down :(

    When I started on my journey, my hips and bust were the same measurement and my waist was just 4" smaller! Now I've lost an inch and a half off both hips and bust , but waist has stayed the same (it did actually increase by 2" at one stage).

    I naturally have the figure of an oak tree! :)

  • Have you tried waist whittling exercises? No idea if they work.

    Keep focussing on the weight & fingers crossed our waists will realise that we need them to shrink too!

  • I have just started flinging a kettlebell about, whether that'll have the desired effect, I don't know :)

    Yup, just concentrate on the lbs and ins can take care of themselves :)

  • I'm getting a kettlebell for xmas so we'll see. The woman on my yoga dvd (which I never do) goes on about waist whittling exercises so you could try that. Apparently just owing the dvd is not good enough you have to play it and then do the exercises!!!

  • I should get your money back, it's not fit for purpose!! :D

    I'm not at yoga stage yet, if I get on the floor, I won't be able to get back up :)

    What weight of kettle bell are you getting? Mine's only a 4kg and my god, it's bloomin' heavy! I didn't realise I was so feeble!

  • The dvd is great but never have the privacy to do it - you can do loads of exercises whilst standing.

    I thought I'd go for a 5kg one - I'm fairly beefy so should be ok but I'm guessing it's be a lot heavier than I'm expecting - actually that's 5 bags of sugar - hmm may need a rethink!

  • Standing's ok, I can just about manage that :)

    I'm thinking about getting some weights that are graded. The kettle bell's ok for two handed exercises, but I'm in grave danger of dropping it on my head with the single handed exercises :)

  • I just read that as - but I'm a grave digger! I was very confused for a mo. :)

    I hear weights are good for burning calories which is why I am trying the kettlebell and takes up less room than the numerous unused other exercise equipment!

    Yoga is really good but you probably need to do it 3 times a week and the only room I have to do it is in the lounge and it's not a spectator sport!

  • I suspect if I was a grave digger, I wouldn't need all this exercise paraphernalia :D

    I've started to dig out all my unused stuff gradually, just need someone to fix my knackered rowing machine now :)

    Even my lounge is small, so not sure if I'd have room there, even without the OH laughing his head off :)

  • Bless, I have a baby gut and no baby for 24 years

  • Ha ha, me too, but no baby for 35 years!! :)

  • Maybe it's your age? Menopause changes women's waists sadly, I'm more oblong than round, on my waist and hip area these days

  • Unfortunately, I've always been this shape, I'm just a much more mature tree now :)

  • Fantastic. Have a great day out.

  • At last, someone else gets weighed twice a day. I've done this for the last 18 months and am 8 stone down with a 10 inch waist loss.. Now maintaining my weight but allowing myself a few more unhealthy but lovely options now and again. I tend to eat a little more at the weekend but then I'm fairly strict during the week.

    By weighing myself I instantly see the weight gain over the weekend. This weekend I have been quite bad and have gained 3 lbs but I know this will go over the next few days. I have surprised myself by how self disciplined I have become. I will always be tempted by bad food but will now just have it as an occasional treat.

  • You sound as if you are now really in control over your weight. :) It's very encouraging for the rest of us. I've lost over 2 1/2 st so far and am looking to lose around a further 1 1/2 st . I'm not sure how I will feel walking around in a "very slim body" and am planning to stop slimming at 12.5st to review the situation and to give up smoking.

    I think you've done really well :)

  • Trust me, it's brilliant to feel slim after being well overweight for most of my adult life.

    Still have to watch myself though as a recent two week holiday showed. I gained 12 lbs in two weeks. Got rid of in in three weeks and as I really enjoyed myself while away I don't feel too guilty. I also drank alcohol everyday which I normally don't do. Plan to stick around the 13'stone mark and so far it's going well.

    Keep going Tewson it's well worth it. Health benefits have been great too.

  • Thanks Andy :)

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