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Week 2

So I'm almost reaching the end of week 2 which has gone so very well. I'm eating well and exercising but I went out on Friday night and after 1 cocktail that was it! My eating choices went out the window.

I realised that I will plan to drive to my forth coming Christmas events as alcohol wake a my resolve. Now I'm worried about tomorrow and my weigh in but I suppose I should see it as a learning curve - what ever the outcome. On the plus side this week has seen me back at the gym twice which is a real bonus

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That's great Jay- it's all part of the process, learn, then move on. Driving to Xmas parties is a great plan. Sounds like you've got really strong resolve. Amazing too that you've been to the gym twice. All in all sounds like a good week. Good luck for tomorrow's weigh in :)

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Good plan to drive to social events and so avoid the temptation​ to drink and eat too much. I love your positivity and the way you are not letting one slip undermine your determination to live a more healthy life


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