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here I go


Hi all am chantelle am 30 from sheffield, so day one of trying to get in a size 12 am currently an 18, I suffer with fibromyalgia so excersise is good but can also trigger fibro off, we have a cross trainer at home which ive used once (whoops) and gym membership, but my get up and go has got up and gone and had a years holiday, I have started to change my eating habits slowly, swapped biccis n sweets for fruit instead, am currently 85kg, my aim is so people look at me and say wow you've had 6 kids and you look like that haha very vain but its the truth, I keep waiting and waiting for my umpf to come back as I did insanity and gym a few years ago and loved it but since then my depression and anxiety and been diagnosed with fibro its was hard knowning some ppl with fibro end up in a wheel chair and it was a lot to take In, iam finding it hard, so am hoping this will do the trick plus I want my kids to see we eat heatlier and excerisise as it will show them its a normal thing. so a bit of history I have 3 girls and 3 boys and a husband so really 7 kids haha, I met lee my hubby after I had my 3rd child nearly 10 years ago and we had 3 children together, and then we snipped him and I had a hysto at 27 so no more babies just cats haha. my husband is also losing weight and attends the gym, my sprouts are aged 15,11,10,9,7and 6 and there all as bonkers as me haha.

well here goes

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I'm new too & can relate. I used to have a very active lifestyle but endometriosis is making that hard. That + meds = weight gain! Trying to find a workout that's sustainable is tough!

Atm though I'm trying to make myself do some interval sprints, as these are good ways to loose fat. I only do 10 minutes of 30 seconds sprints & rest. I figured this won't leave me too exhausted. I usually do this as a run with the dog on Mondays & going to try introducing bike sprints at the gym on Fridays.

mammy2six in reply to ab24601

Hi, yeah I been told to do little and often as it won't have as huge impact on my fibro, I been told Pilates is good for my condition x

Aqua_marineRestart Nov 2019 in reply to mammy2six

I have Fibra too. It is not getting in the way to my weight loss

Am glad to hear, have you found your symptoms have improved with losing weight?

Aqua_marineRestart Nov 2019 in reply to mammy2six

It is too early to say. I am 9 weeks in and have lost over 2 stones. I am keeping going and hood those symptom subside,

Bonni1 in reply to mammy2six

Swimming is best exercise

Low impact high at toning and calorie burning


Hi and welcome Chantelle,

My goodness, you do have a lot to contend with. Let's hope that by joining us, things will start to look brighter and those size 12 clothes will be filling your wardrobe.

Have you decided on which eating plan you're going to use, if not, have a look at the NHS 12 week plan and see if it's for you.

We have a Monday group weigh-in run by Lowcal normally, but in her absence for the next 3 weeks will be posted by Prin. I'll give you the link to last week's, to give you an idea

I'll also give you a link to Prin's profile, as if you click on follow, you'll get a notification when she posts the thread on Monday

On the subject of exercise, don't be in too much of a hurry, best to get your diet sorted out first, but if you wish to use your cross trainer, draw yourself a chart and mark off the number of steps you manage/hour. For motivation, Lizzie runs a thread called kicking the kilometres to dust, if you fancy joining. Here's a link to last Monday's thread

I hope I haven't given you too much to start with :)

All the best with your weight loss journey :)

mammy2six in reply to moreless

Thank you, yeah am looking at the 12 week plan, watching calories, I will Defo have a look at kicking the kilometres to dust, and the other links you have sent x

Aqua_marineRestart Nov 2019

Well done for deciding to start. There are lots of friendly supportive people on here. Use this site as a way of maintaining focus. Good luck.

Thank you xx

Hi Chantelle, wow you are one busy mummy ! Love your photo by the way. Just wondering , how were you diagnosed with fybro? I've read up on symptoms etc and they sound very much like mine, whereas the arthritis I've been diagnosed with doesn't quite fit. I'm currently on painkillers and pain gels but at 64 I'm not thinking of popping off just yet, yet I get the impression that now diagnosed, then - off you go old girl, keep taking the tablets and here's a walking stick...! It sort of feels like my Dr has hit on the most convenient answer and left it at that...😒 I just had an x ray, and he diagnosed from just that - so far, no ones even examined me - so, just would be interested in your journey to diagnosis.

By the way, you will enjoy this forum, and good luck with your diet journey 😊

I used the NHS one docs tend to listen more when you use that

Hi, I printed the symptoms of the internet Highlighted all the ones I had and spoke to the doc, my worse pain what would flare up was my ribs it felt as though I was wearing a very tight corset and was very painful then it would go and come back, I started mainly after my father passed away they say a major emotional event can set it off, they did bloods and X-ray to see if it was anything else which came back clear then they started me on meds to ease the symptoms, the worse one at the moment is sleeping I sleep from 10pm to 7:30am then 12pm to 3pm, the weather can have a huge effect, but there is a lot of different symptoms and everyone is different, my main advice is get a print off info go to your dr say could it be this as it fits and see what they say if they fob you off go to another doc until one is open to you trying meds to help with fibro symptoms and if they work then you know it's that X

Thanks for that, ill check it out. Cold definately makes things worse, and we've got snow today 😞

Same here lol good old Britain

Hi Mammy2six

Sorry to hear you've been struggling. Do you think you have any foods that make your fibromyalgia worse? There are various foodstuffs that seem to cause problems in some people, like MSG, gluten or dairy.

You're right about having to be clued up about your condition to get the best out of your doctor. Good luck with getting yourself well again. Hopefully, eating a lot of healthy foods will help.

Yeah the healthier and more regular eating, but tiredness and fatigue to make those awkward at times and time, I've not found certain food are a trigger mine the weather and stress plays a big part with me x

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