4 weeks have gone by

At the start I didn't know what to expect.. In all honesty I didn't think I would still be on the diet but I am.. To date I have lost 19lbs and two dress sizes. I am ecstatic with the progress and nice to fit into some older clothes. I just have another 40lbs to lose and then I'll be at my target weight.. Hope everyone's weigh ins went ok this week and have a great weekend everyone.


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20 Replies

  • Well done, only 40lbs still a bit to go tho

  • What an achievement Kitkat91, 19 lbs down and two dress sizes down is amazing :-)

    Well done!

  • Wow, congratulations 19lbs is great, you must be very pleased. Keep up the good work work

  • Fantastic, a third of the way there! Keep at it, you're an inspiration :)

  • Well done. That's great news. I'm looking forward to dropping a dress size but I'm only getting to the end of my second week so I hope I will have at by half way through the programme. Pleased to hear your news and it sounds like your completely on track to get to your goal. Really pleased for you x

  • The way I see my weightloss that even if you lose 1lb it is better than none and definitely better than gaining..x

  • Hey Kitkat, what a star you are! Well done you...start shopping for the sparkly dress?

  • I'm trying not to buy anything too pretty until nearer Christmas just in case it becomes to big :)

  • Now that is a very good point !! That happened to me. Last December I was still 1 stone from my target weight and I bought a lovely new warm coat ....I ummed and aahhed about which size, then played it safe with the roomier one. This week I got it out to wear and it is too big! Trouble is , it was not a cheap purchase and Im very disappointed cuz I love the coat. ( BUT I have to admit that I love my new size better 😊)

  • 19lbs in just 4 weeks??!! Wow, that's incredible! Well done you! :)

    The way you're going, you'll be at your target weight by the end of the 12 weeks :)

    Keep up the good work, you're heading for a gold star :)

  • 19 lbs is a big loss well done.

  • Congrats, that's a great loss. You sound surprised to still be sticking to this, but take a bit more credit. You've really done this -keep going and good luck :)

  • The only reason I am surprised is due to I tried to start it 4 times before but just went back to my normal ways and it wasn't until I seen my holiday photos I knew I had to change. Now that I have started I wouldn't have changed my decision for anything as the progress is going well and it's an achievement I will remember.

  • That's incredible. 19lbs is a lot. You should be very proud of yourself. Keep focused you can do it. Onwards and downwards.

  • Well done, that's a great start! You're clearly doing things right!

    As you get closer to your target things do slow down so dont worry. It can be a danger for some people who then give up.... but just keep on going!!. When you're a stone or so from target you will need to recheck your BMR and adjust your calories a bit. My target was to lose 2stone. It took me 12 months altogerher but SLOW is good, more likely to keep it off. Ive kept to my target weight now since april . You can too!

  • Well done to you for losing your weight, it's people like you that make people want to succeed :)

  • so good, you are a real inspiration. When my son did ironman I said to him how did you keep going all that time, something like 16 hours or there about and he said break it up into little bits. so mentally he was achieving mini goals to get him round. To me this is like that. Good luck well done.

  • Well done to him, I think that is a great way to think about it and I will bear that in mind :)

  • Hi Kitkat,

    What a result, fantastic, go girl


  • Brilliant and enough to encourage you big tome

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