Fed up with over eating !πŸ˜’

Hi all , can anyone help ?

I've been obsessive eating uncontrollably for the past 4 weeks maybe a little more. No feeling of fullness until I've ate that much I feel sick ! I did so well losing just over 3 stone in 20 months with changing eating habits & life style ie swimming as I suffer with osteoarthiritis in my spine & fibromyalgia. I was ok until I suffered a lot of stress in September & fell off the wagon . Since then I've put on a stone & a half which is putting tremendous strain on my body.

Help !!! Where do I start . Also I can't even get out of bed & been here for weeks feeling I can't cope πŸ˜’


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17 Replies

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  • Oh dear, you need to detach comfort and food, there is the biggest problem!

    Food will not hug you, chat with you , or be rational , just a temp fix, if you just eat, choose water based veg and nibble.

    Drink lots of herbal tea, maybe marmite warm, black coffee or tea, be strong and try to change stuff

  • Thank you Diana for your support. Yes this does make sence you're so right it won't hug or chat to me . I am very lonely so maybe I am replacing relationships with people for food. When I'm in this mind frame of binging on food it's usually when I've become detached from people with my depression & then I eat to replace something missing but can't fill the hole. Then I can't go out in case I see people when I'm feeling so fat . It's a vicious circle but thankyou as you've made me see more clearly

  • Maybe you could get a cat, my cat is fab, lots of cuddles, love both sides and sensitive to my needs.

    Odd gifts too

  • Hi Diana I have a cat Bella she is beautiful & full of cuddles when she wants too.,she very independent . Odd gifts ? I'm intrigued 😊

  • Poor thing you must feel awful but as you know some things can get much better quite quickly.

    Imagine what you three months ago might be advising yourself right now.

    First try to get out of bed, tidy up and breath deep. If you can face going out then the doctor could definitely help you. Also try a bookshop or library or look for books you already have and reread or read up on binge eating disorders and the basic rules of healthy eating. Although it is counter intuitive try eating regular meals at the right time - some healthy slow cooked food which could break the cycle you are in.

    Good luck - post again soon and say how you are feeling. πŸ’

  • Thank you Gonti for replying to my SOS . Thinking of what I was like 3 months ago ,I was so much happier living & eating healthy & my pain was more under control. Depression as set me off on this spiral path. I'm trying to work out how it crept in this time as a long time sufferer of depression at times I'm more in control. I think the cold & damp of winter takes a hold of me so I really need to figure out how to win this battle with winter. I read your comments the other night ,though late to reply . But I took your advise & googled some help to get out of bed & yesterday morning & today I did it . I cleaned up as you said & even took some time in my appearance. I went outside for a while & also today I have. Once I'm back inside though I'm back in my pjs & back in bed to my sanctuary. Need to find a way to not do this I think . Thank you Gonti for your support .

  • Hi Donnadeck, thanks this was a nice reply to get and I was wondering yesterday how it was going for you so it was great to know you were picking the pace up a bit.

    Some part of you definitely wants to feel better I notice you not only posted but replied carefully and kindly to everyone - when I am really out of it I am always too absorbed to do either!


  • Hi Gonti I know what you mean when you feel out of it ,it's so hard to communicate even on cyber. That's why it took me a couple of days to reply. I do want to get better & I'm scrambling my way out of this hole. I can tell that I'm picking myself up as it's took me a few months to even write asking for help. .

    Today as been half & half for me as in first half of the day was negative . I just couldn't move myself for hours . Eventually after I kept telling myself that I must help myself I got up & turned it around to positive πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘. I've been taking it all everyday at a time but now I'm taking it every hour at a time & try to turn around any negative thoughts & feelings .

    Once again thank you Gonti for having the time to enquire how I am . Hope you're good too .πŸ‘―πŸ’πŸ’βœ‹πŸ˜€πŸ™Œ

  • I am good thank you: life is treating me well at the moment.

    I remember that is an agonising process trying to turn around negative feelings but this sounds like you are progressing. Maybe get to a doctor or counsellor if you haven't done so already. You don't have to do this on your own.

    I find radio 3 works a kind of magic on me....

    Have a good day tomorrow! πŸŽΆπŸŽΆπŸ‘πŸŽ‘πŸ’ƒπŸΎπŸŒΈ

  • Hi Donna,

    Do you live alone? Do you have family or friends close by? It sounds to me as if your bingeing is a result of depression and until you take steps to take care of your mental health, your eating will remain out of control.

    Enlist the help of someone you trust and get them to take you to see your GP.

    I really hope that you'll be feeling better soon and when you are, you'll be able to get back on track with your weight loss journey.

    Take care.

  • Thankyou Moreless. Yes you're right. I've been replacing people & relationships with food binging . I m starting to open up to my family as they have seen the damage my depression can do since my teenage years. I'm now 48 next week .its not been continuos all these years but my mobility has not helped with controlling it over these past 4 years or so. The winter feeling & being cold & damp as defiantly indered my loss weight journey so indeed to figure out how to push past this obstical . I've put on 11lbs in the space of 7-8 weeks . It could have been worse but don't want it to get more out of control. Thank you for your support Moreless very much appreciated.

  • Hi Donna, have you ever thought about going to the Drs to ask about support such as counselling

  • Hi portandprincess yes I've had counselling . It helped for a while but for a number of reasons I'm on this spiral. I have worked out the past couple of days that I have been replacing relationships with people for food & I need to figure out a way to smash this. Thank you portandprincess for your reply & support .

  • Hi portandprincess yes I've had counselling . It helped for a while but for a number of reasons I'm on this spiral. I have worked out the past couple of days that I have been replacing relationships with people for food & I need to figure out a way to smash this. Thank you portandprincess for your reply & support .

  • Hi Donna,

    I agree with most others, sounds like emotional eating, because if you get to the point of being sick then its not due increased appetite! You definitely need something to lift your mood and give you a new focus, then you will naturally divert your attention elsewhere from food. For me, the challenge I have chosen between now and Xmas is to hit my gym as often as I can and try out all their classes, so now I do Bodyblast, body pump,bodycombat, Bootcamp, total abs, my usual Krav Maga classes and from next week I shall try Brazilian Jijitsu, which they say is fantastic for calorie burning (600/hr), muscle and endurance building, does wonders for your core muscles (yes, flat tummy! Dreamt of it all my life). So by Xmas I should make a decision on which classes I like most and seam more effective for me, so to have a reasonable timetable I can stick to in the new year...although from Jan I need to find time for Argentinian Tango and Spanish language classes.... I am going to be busy!!!! Also another couple of tips to try out: have a hot drink (herbal tea best) before eating, it helps to reduce appetite; the other suggestion is to make lists of what you want to do/achieve month on month , and work to tick off items from that list. Try positive wording that require action, instead of reactive things that just happen to you, for example in my long list I have: work hard at the gym, till it's effortless; eat wholemeal foods; walk to work and back twice a week, plan that dream holiday, learn some Spanish, Meet up with best friends at least once a fortnight. I crossed off from my list loosing weight to replace it with get superhealthy with tons of energy, because I feel it's a more positive message than 'loosing weight'. I got this from a book called The Secret (Rhonda Byrne), it's a great guide to the power of positive thinking...

    Good luck with all and let us know how you get on!

  • Hi Stefanix, wow me too have the hardback book & read Rhonda Byrne The Secret but haven't for a while . So you reminded me just how positive thinking helps so much & thoughts become things ✌️. I've also downloaded now on audio & can listen to her as I'm going to sleep it's great πŸ‘. it's defiantly emotional eating & have realised these past few days that I've been replacing relationships with people . Then I eat then I don't want to see people because I think that they will will think omg she's put on weight then I feel ugly! Phew what a vicious circle this as become. Up on till middle of September I was in the baths either swimming my 40-50 lengths or aquafit or aqua boot camp & I'd been doing this routine for over 15 months. Then I just stopped & thought oh I'll go back next week & every week I'm still saying it but can't do it . The cold & damp of winter not only causes me a lot of pain but also triggers my depression off. I know I have SAD but it's not easy to control. I can't do the gym Hun or any sort of exercise on dry land because I have oesteoarthiritis in my lumber & cervical spine . I've had two operations to take out damaged disk from my spine . So gym & classes aggravate it & damage what spine I have left,but swimming is great for me .thanks a lot for your reply & support Stepanix. You're such an inspiration πŸ˜Šβœ‹

  • I have the relationship with food as you. The only thing I think helped me was when I was doing some crafty stuff for Christmas. My mind was occupied with other things than food. Only thing is I've done all the Christmas crafty stuff and I have gone back to overeating. Think I'm going to have a look about for something else to make. Could finding a new hobby help you keep your mind focused???

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