3 week check in

Its been a while although I do check in and like and comment when I can. So this is nearly the End of my 3rd week since I started a lifestyle change. 1) my weigh in is yet to come on the 1st of December meaning I am still a 106kg and 160 cm woman with a bmi of 40plus..whos praying that theres a loss...2) I brisk walk everyday since Wednesday of the first week for 2km plus...today it was 2.9...Saturday we aim about 4 or 5...(I no longer consider it running haha). My chins kill me downhill(new discovery). 3) I am not sure if I am eating right but I am a veggie fan not too much of a fruit fan but I do get canned in fruit juice fruits once in a blue moon... 4) I really need to get a kitchen scale because I feel that sometimes I over eat even though its way less than the amount I used to eat and I am alwaysss hungry especially this week no matter how much I snack which is either orange and apple(yuck) or provitas and cottage cheese and yoghurt...those are my snacks of choice most times...well I hope everyone is doing well across the globe that is all for now


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12 Replies

  • Hi Thule, Congrats on nearly making it to the end of the third week!

    Do you feel any different? I too am not a fan of fruit but I eat a lot of veg to make up for it! I find eating a few almonds (precisely 10!) for a snack and a really find that they keep me going between meals, or carrot sticks and hummus or the naked fake chocolate bars! Also , drink plenty of water as sometimes our brain thinks we are hungry when we are actually thirsty!

    Good luck for next week!

  • Thank you no more junk....I am feeling a little different....I feel slightlyyy lighter maybe its in my head well my body is still in pain coz of strenght exercises but I feel better then where i started. I will take your suggestions on the snacks....

  • Hi Thule - I've got two tips - add fruit into your savoury meals. I like to add slices of apple/plums into salads, or figs/apricots in with roast veg. Next tip - yes to scales, although I didn't get any in the end - I relied a lot on the 'Tala dry measures cone' and still use it for all things like rice, oats, lentils, sultanas etc. You don't really need to wash it between uses as everything you put in it is dry, and it's a great way of checking the weight of any dried foods you're eating. A tip with pasta - a mug of pretty much any shape (except spaghetti) = 100g. So you can start 'weighing' your food now, before you invest in scales - not much investment needed :)

  • Hey Ruth, you know what confuses me...its things like 40g of oats is equal to a certain number of oats and when I check 40g omw I wont be able to sustain myself...so when do i weigh?before or after cooking? I think the fruit will be bearable if I eat it like that atleast...thank youuuuu

  • You weigh before cooking, there's a big difference! I used myfitnesspal and the tala dry measures cone and always looked up tesco brands which come up with the calories for 100g. So for example if I was weighing 50g basmati rice (uncooked) I'd look up Tesco basmati rice, then for portion size put 0.5 which calculates the calories for 50g rice. For oats I actually have 25g (uncooked) which expands to a big portion once you mix with milk. People who weigh after cooking are perhaps using scales where you put your plate on, press tare, then add pasta, make a note of weight, press tare, add Bolognese sauce, make a note, then work out the cals from 'cooked' values. On myfitnesspal these would always say 'cooked'. This might work for you if you want to get this sort of scales?

  • Hi Thule,

    Long time no see :) I thought my fellow steam engine had run out of puff ;)

    I don't know how you've got the patience and strength of will to not get on the scales for all that time, I'd be going completely crackers not knowing!

    Well on the 1st of December, you'll know whether you need those kitchen scales, or not - best of luck, I hope you're really pleasantly surprised :)

    You don't have to snack on fruit if you don't like it, try celery, cucumber, carrot sticks, tomatoes, sweet peppers, in fact any veg you can think of :)

    All the very best to you :)

    PS This steam engine walked 18kms today :D

  • Wow, moreless 18km that's fabulous. I'm already guessing that you're on track to beat your kicking the km target. Well done you.

  • I wish mrsg, but I'm so slow still and there doesn't seem to be enough hours in the day to complete everything :)

  • You should be praising yourself moreless, 18km is fantastic distance to achieve. With your kicking the km and the amount of dedication and support that you offer to all of us on this site I'd be amazed to hear that you could fit anything else in during the day. Keep going, you're a star!!

  • What a lovely reply, thank you so much :)

  • OMG 😮😮😮😮😮18 KMS...what are you doing to me?????niceee one wooow....🙋hi 5!!!!steam train is still chooo chooing wing around haha...I really am more a veggie fan than fruit....I Aam what is called a flexitarian...love the veģetarian diet but sometimes crave meat...so more on veggie snacks...and really lemme say it again...BIG UP!!!

  • Thanks :) Believe me, it does get easier, but 18K's is quite a slog :) We have lots of different length cycle paths around us that we walk and just try to up it a bit at a time. Next one we're aiming for, is 24kms - not sure if I'm up to it yet though :)

    Keep chomping away at those veggies, they're better for you than fruit anyway :)

    Carry on puffing :)

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